Missed last week due to family matters. I really missed everyone . I visited lots of pages and could not comment due to some wi fi problem. I am convinced my wifi is inhabited by a gremlin or possibly one of the Living Dead from Game of Thrones. Thanks to Julia for bringing up Google+ issues. Sorry I cannot comment on Google+.   Google+ keeps trying to hi jack my blog.  Driving me nuts when I try to post then edit on PC.  Writing this on iPad,  Drats spell check not working. They must have got in iPad. 

 So if you are new to this rambling discourse it is the brain child, yes Julia i am laughing, of the Divine Ms Julia, she of many names, and join in.

This week starting early and hope to post this evening as it is Tuesday afternoon here in Texas Hill Country. It remains cold. Hard to believe on Sunday it was 86F, 30C for you Brits, on Monday we slowly plunged into arctic maddness. I half expected to see polar bears basking on my deck and we even had thunder but just enough rain to sprinkle scattered blobs of hail hereand there. Today it is slowly warming and by Friday we get back to 80. So the weather men predict.

Here is my desk.

I am working on two calendars, Kate Cranes( top)calendar challenge, Joanne Sharpes' Draw Your Awesome Life, the leaves on my photo above and Journal52.  Prompt for this week was swatches so I created a cityscape with paint chips . I started this project 9 days into it so I am catching up. I really like this class.  Can't believe it is free Chelle Stein is an interesting person and she puts a lot of work into this project.  Here is a link to an interview with her on The Journal Junkie Journal

week 1 is up up and away, a start to the year.  Mixed collage on Black cardstock.

week 2 is done with water soluble crayons and Pentel colored pencils.  Also just had to try my new parallel pen.  i discovered the ink is not waterproof!

Week 3 is what I will be when I grow up.  I was influenced by an article about girls applying to St. Andrews!!!

Week  8. Simple poem using clipped phrases, gelli plate background and edged with Washi tape.

really enjoy this class and i seem to need a kick in the pants to do anything. I ordered Joanne' s book The Art of Whimsicle Lettering and she is having a class to go along with the book. I really need a live class on this subject with an old style teacher who raps your knuckles if you don't practice.

Have to make dinner so off to play with chili. Have. Wonderful week. Hope cooking goes better than iPad!


  1. Your creations are just a lot of fun and every girl wants to marry a prince :)
    hugs Nikki C ?? yet

  2. wow monica-lots of great pages here

  3. Some great journalling here Monica. Just you I think..vibrant colour..good sense of humour!!
    Judy # 12

  4. I wonder how those Texas gremlins move back and forth between Texas and Kentucky because I think I have them in my DSL. :-) Lovin your journal pages - they look great.
    April #20

  5. Monica with the ORANGE HAIR?? How fun is that!!

    OK, your J52 for this week beats mine in a heartbeat. I never thought to make skyscrapers. You did a fantastic job. And when you become Queen, will you still be my friend? Happy WOYWW from #1, the one with the BLEUBEARD. Couldn't resist!!

  6. Love the journaling. Yes I think I need a kick in the pants too. Thats how I roll. #35

  7. Simply GREAT J52 pages. I really like the pages to the left with the leafy looking things.

    We finally got some rain here, and it cooled back down enough to have a fire in the stove in the evenings. Yep! by Friday we will be back to 80' too.

    I have decided to tackle this crap room, I mean craft room. It has gotten way out of hand and is driving me nuts.

    Your comment on Julia's blog made me really laugh.

    Krisha #32 I think???

  8. LOVE your pages!! You have been busy :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    no. 33

  9. wow, you;ve been busy!! have a great day. Helen 5

  10. The art of whimsical lettering sounds intriguing! Fabulous journal pages. :)

  11. WOW Monica you have been really busy! I feel my mojo will never come back! I hear we are headed for another bout of rain and snow tomorrow so will have time to sit and craft a little then. Have a great week. Vickie #52

  12. Wonderful pages Monica and I soooo want to sit on your deck looking at the sun. Ahhh that is the life.
    Sandra @61

  13. Truly interesting pages Monica...I'm not quite as free with my artwork as you but love to see your styles and know that sometimes I can incorporate ideas in my cards. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#30

  14. What fun journals, Monica! And can we just talk about how jealous I am of your 80 degree weather! Oh my! We're still hovering in the 20's here in New England. . . And(gasp) there's still talk of snow!

  15. Fun and fascinating pages! I had a giggle with the When I Grow Up page! Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting!
    Carol N #4

  16. Your weather is NUTS!!!

    Love your pages, Monica, particularly the one on the black cardstock - that really pops!


  17. I can see some great things going on here. Love the journal pages, Angela x 63

  18. What lovely journaling. Karen #56

  19. I am REALLY enjoying your journal pages, Monica! Wow. Your personality really shines through in them, and each is interesting and unique.


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