Today I am late writing this post well today I am early as it is 5.30am.  usually write the post on tuesday and yesterday was to tired after a trip to San Antonio.  Trip started in cool fog and when I returned it was bright sunny and 86F.  Regrettably in the night was high wind, no not from me!  It was blowing all night.  No rain but very high wind.  I kept waking up to see the bird feeders swaying.  

Well welcome to another What's on Your  Workspace  Wednesday. Number 249.  Check out Mistress of madness Miss Julia and find what it is all about.  her is my work space

I am working on No Excuse Art journaling .  I bought the book to get free mail from Amazon.  The Art of whimsical Lettering book by Joanne Sharpe will not arrive until end of March so I started on this journal.  In San Antonio, I found Staples and changed out the 5.5x8.5 online journal purchase for the larger.  When I arrived home I immediately set out to work on it.  What you see is the start of the month of March; those splotches of color are how I see March, green = sprouting, red for the returning of the humming birds,( we saw the first one last night but it was not a Ruby Redthroat), and blue for the Texas Bluebonnets, it will be 2 weeks before they show up here.  The pink is for all the flowering trees that yesterday yelled spring from the top of their lungs.  Behind this Journal is my Kate Crane Calendar Challenge.  I redid March and to the upper left Joanne Sharpe's Awesome Year.  This is my year to go crazy for calendars. It is an attempt to improve my skills.  

I cannot get the photos to sync over from mobile.  so that is it.  Don't you hate the control all these devices have on us!

have a great week.  need more coffee!


  1. Wow you have lots of lovely projects going on all at once. How is the no excuses art journaling book? Good techniques?

  2. Happy WOYWW & hugs

    Peggy xx #1

  3. I am so impresssed Monica. You buy a book and actually jump right in and do it!! I buy the books and look at them and they go on the bookshelf--I do pick them up again and use them-but sometimes not for a long time. What kind of calendar are you using for the no excuses book?

  4. Your post made me smile - who wouldn't be looking forward to seeing the humming birds return? I smiled at seeing a robin this morning. Good Luck with your no excuse journal - sounds like something I would be lousy at! Happy WOYWW, Cindy #58

  5. Great start on the No Excuse Journal, love the green Washi tapes laying there.

    Yes, I am amazed, but I truly can find things that I have shuffled through and organized. (well, so far I can, but I've only done paper scraps...LOL)

    We are just teetering on the 80s here, every couple of days we might cross the line, but I am in NO HURRY for the great heat to set in

    Have a great week and, as, always, thanks for the comment.
    Krisha #33

  6. Oh I love the idea of No Excuse art journaling. I'm very curious about it now! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #12

  7. So many projects. I love the look of the No Excuse book you are using. And all the colors and what they stand for. I look forward to seeing more!

  8. Good for you to start journal-ling. I have one..and in true hoarding fashion, haven't used it for fear of ruining it....Love your idea of visualizing the months!! And lucky you for having sprouting trees; we're supposed to get another 10-20 inches snow tonight!

  9. Love your colors for March, so happy and springlike. :-)

    I've done that so many times, too, scouring Amazon for something that is $1.97 so I can get free shipping, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #2

  10. Monica, your posts are always a delight to read :)


  11. Hi Monica, your art journal is going to be fab ... like the idea of using a colour chart for the month and you've now got me thinking what colours I'd apply to March in Scotland. Since Amazon introduced the new restrictions on how much you have to spend before it's post free I tend to restrict orders to only once a month - such a pain! Elizabeth x #75

  12. Lots of bright green all set for st patty's it looks like hugs Nikki 10

  13. I am loving your colour code for March...I was driving around only today admiring pinky white blossom that's starting to weigh down young branches. What a joy. I think this is a good year for journals and calendars. And self expression.

  14. It's been really windy here this week, with lots of fires in the country around Wichita. In fact, we are on high fire alert due to our 50-70 mph winds.

    I love the look of that washi tape, and the green is perfect for today, since it's St. Patty's Day. It is also a good look for the coming of spring, which I truly hope arrives SOON. Did you get hail over the weekend, or were you too far north for that?

    Happy very belated WOYWW from #7.

  15. Hi Monica I decided to have a late week snoop around some WOYWW blogs because I missed heaps this last week and have some time now. Love how you've colour coded the month...yes it's spring for you but we're coming into autumn so I might think of these colours for up coming cards..mm thank you Cheers RobynO#24


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