Here in central Texas it is a gorgeous spring day and what joyful spring activities are happening here. Well not much. Finishing the mini vacation laundry and putting all the stuff away. I wrote in the three journal during the tripand now catching up on the weekly assignments for Journal52 as well as monthly for No Excuses. I am pisses at Amazon that my book my Joanne Sharpe has not arr ed. What eve executive selected USPS for delivery needs to be shot at dawn. The packaged reach Kerrville yesterday morning and was NOT delivered today. Ok bithcy bitch over.

here is my desk, that is Journal52 on the top and for this week I will make a collage.

Below is my computer desk now used for water coloring etc. note I seccumbed to a cup of tea. That is my Callendar challenge journal atop a magazine and other journals. In the upper right is a bok of Kleenex , prisma pencilseye drops and Pitt Pens.

Meet Warren (on the left) and Jimmy Buffet, the lady at Paradise House in Rockport named them the Bali Buffets. We thought them a perfect addition to our bedroom and they settled in immediately, falling in love with the blue bath room

This head is from Paradise House as well, by way of Indonesia. He is made from a tree root. We have a couple of others on the deck. Chris has to come up with a way to hang them so that th gale force winds do not turn them into flying figures. The yellow glow is due to the color of my kitchen and the bright sunlight peekining into the south facing high windows.

I wrote this early and will post when the earth moves and wakes my Brit friends up, or maybe it is the moon visiting Ms Dunnit, she is the creative force and general nut case behind WOYWW. It reLly is amazing to visit blogs around the world and see that every country has messy and neat and all shades in between when they craft.

So i am off to refresh my tea and start on my collage. Well shuffle torn bits of paper in hopes of a lightening bolt of creativiy will strike.



  1. I always visit my neighbors first!
    Lots of fun, colorful stuff happening here!
    I wish I could say it wasn't s**wing here!
    thanks for the snoop around.
    robyn 6

  2. Hi Monica.Thanks for the visit. yes I felt guilty too about the things I wasn't going to use. BUT like you..it feels so darn good it's worth the sacrifice.Cheaper than therapy huh?!!hehe.
    LOVE those kitties.Good on you for your love of vibrany colour.Most people are afraid of such boldness!!YAY!! for you.Great root sculpture too.
    Judy #4

  3. Warren and Jimmy Buffet are awesome. Love their colorful bodies.
    April #14

  4. OOOOH! I like your new friends. The cats are gorgeous.

    I don't know how you keep up with all your journals, they are each so different and yet so you.

    Your desk will be the only one I make tonight, as my pillow is calling my name.
    Thanks for popping by
    Krisha #12

  5. a busy place .. love the cats and watercolour desk laid out.. happy WOYWW, Shaz in Oz.x #15

  6. wow, fab desk!! not sure you can call Julia a nut case though, rofl!! happy WOYWW Helen 11

  7. Warren and Jimmy are amazing, love the colours. I too am waiting on Joanne's book its zooming to me at the moment and can't wait..
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy #25

  8. love the cat sculptures and the head, thanks for sharing, Donna #35

  9. Monica - step back from your crazy claim to untidiness - your art is beautiful and so ordered! I totally get what you mean about getting to the layer of scraps and bits that need to be kept but don't have a home - I'm defeated by them on the whole! Love that you drink your tea from a proper cup and saucer, so civilised!

  10. Great post Monica with lots of interesting and colourful items to peruse and desire. It's good to have a bitch but you always sound so cheerful even when you do!
    Jo x No50

  11. Your collage making looks so fun--and I love that kitty art! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #66

  12. So many interesting things to look at this week! Love the cats.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #67

  13. OK that was freaky, I posted - TWICE!! and its gone??? As I was saying, there are lots of interesting things on your desk this week and I love the cats.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #67

  14. Inspiring photos!

    You're lucky to be receiving your Joanne Sharpe book imminently - in the UK we've been told we won't be getting ours until the beginning of May! Ho hum, it'll arrive when it can.

    Love those cats!


  15. Happy WOYWW... Love your desk full of craftyness. I wished I could journal as you do on your Calendar. It looks really neat! See you next week.
    Kimmer #91... last , but not least AGAIN.. LOL

  16. It is so maddening when things do not arrive when they should, especially when you have been waiting in for them to be delivered. Hope you get it all sorted out very soon. There seem to be a lot of folks doing water colours this week. I love using them although I am not very good and need loads of practice. Have a good week. xx Maggie #8

  17. Love the Buffet duo. Very cute and colorful. I'll be in the Hill Country and central TX next month. Excited for my first trip to your area. I am way behind in y Journal52. Want to hear more about your Calendar journal. Can you direct me to an earlier post? Creative Blessings!
    Kelly #77

  18. ooooo...I love your sculptures especially the head! Thanks for sharing...
    Vikki #93


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