Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WOYWW 56 Correction 256

Nothing today. i was meeting a new doctor, my doctor left town and referred me to a Dr. Susan King. My lucky day the first doctor in 40 years to offer hope. not to restore hearing just maybe my ability to hear a little clearer, to loose the tinnitus and maybe improve balance. What more. Cures are Fantasy. Really to improve functionality however limited is a gift. I have had Menieres Disease since 1976 and it has progressed to the point where hearing loss, no balance and tinnitus interfere with life. Just to improve a little is the gift. Every doctor I saw said there was nothing they could do. i grasped at many straws. This woman has a solid training, a desire to help and science in her grasp. So a hopeful future awaits. Sorry no desk today just happy. Meanwhile life goes on Chris has shingles, he thought it was mosquito bites. That is on the road to control. And tonight I feel a little drunk. I would show you all the marmalade we made from 4 very large Houston grown grapefruits but alas, sync is not all the geeks would have us believe. We made it using an Aussie recipe for cooking in the microwave for 20 mins. A couple of hours later it was not setting despite all the efforts to help it along. We just canned it and will check at weekend when we have toast for breckee. Oh the photo of marmalade is on smartphone who is so smart refuses to sync it to ipad or PC, proper little God! So just go and visit all the WOYWW SITES AND GET AWED AND GIGGLED OUT By a lot of fun folks. IPad is acting up Hugs Monica

Corrected title on PC  from 56 to 256!.......Problem now with a Plug in.  It is 4.08 am.  I better post and go back to bed.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014



when it'sTuesday it feels like the week has flown by. What have I done, a time to reflect. This week was mixed I made pillow covers for the rv. Not too exciting.then I worked on my journals that was twarted by intense pain in right hand, the return of. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Yeeks I thought it was cured with surgery. No an intense session in the gym with a substitute teacherresulted in this. i thought it was my practce in drawing but no, it was the gym. So rubbing in Penssaid and now a nightly splint it remains . Well it has eased off but enough to slow me down.

My desk top after all the clean up and more clean up to sew it was great then wham bam, I decided to do a collage. My desk was back covered with collage material for the Journal52 Prompt to use old stuff for a page.

This is the page a crazy quilt block in paper. Quite simple small and a result of a massive search of all those little bags of unused stuff.

So folks today I was trying to download an app for. Menue planning Food Planner. I hoped it would save time and organize me and control the accumulation of great cooking ideas in the fridge. These apps are never simple and 3 hours later I was going nuts as the notification kept going off every few minutes. Why, a mystery of the mobile unflods. Forget how and why I had set the dam thing to a ringtone of wooody woodpecker. I was ready to strangle that bird na d could not find him. By chance the right hit and there he was lurking in some corner of my phone. Several hours later he was snagged and excomuicated to his app. So currently I have a phone that rings but who knows what is lurking to drive me crazy tomorrow.


If the writing is wierd, well that is today along with iPad and its need to be the supreme controller.

I am going nuts



Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Today i am tired as one of the really good instructors filled in yesterday at the gym and it was a real workout. It is always the next day it catches up. 

 This week it is flat out on No Excuses and Awesome Year journals. I am attempting to improve my script. I feel it may be a lost cause as my "fixed" carpal tunnel seems to have returned.  

Here is one of my workspaces, the desk where I like to sit and write.  It is the right height and so is easier than the work table.  The orange bag was a gift and is perfect for traveling art supplies.  It is a good fit for the traveling water color paints just purchased.  Another learning experience that requires lots of practice.    Note the spelling error in the lettering practice book!

below is my other workplace  My kitchen .  I love cooking.  Chris offered to help so he got to peel the onions .  It is for a venison chili for him and a friend tomorrow.

That's it from me I have to go and get dessert.   Strawberries and ice cream.

Visit you all tomorrow.     

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


First i must apologize for not writing comments last week.  I visited many sites and had problems.  It is something related to the speed of our internet and poor service to rural areas.  It just was taking for ever to load pages and when I tried to comment i really felt it was shouting back "you want to WHAT?"  It is a bit like me with parts not working some days.

Writing this around 3.30 pm  central time so I get it done before feeding time beckons me to the kitchen. My husband is helping the guy who came to up date our media junk. I hope it doesn't mean more wires. Meanwhile I thought my watercolors would arrive today but they did not.
Now here is the shocker!!!
Look no mess. I could not find my metal ruler so lights, action, boom. Not quite the flick of a fairy wand, and  you see the cutting mat exposed first time in month,s alas no metal ruler. the search continues......

Hence computer desk had a right sided clean up. The stuff next to the wall, the right side is " where to put it stuff".   You know, all that stuff that doesn't fit the categories you  spent sleepless nights thinking up. There is an old Wacom tablet, hidden from view, the sort before touch screens and that can be tossed with the kitchen sort out( the other zone of where to put its. My kitchen drawers are bursting with things i never used or were presents or things that are a little broken. These can still be used if you hang by your foot from the ceiling.(fat chance and so does fixing them)  I also have a clothes closet with too big clothes, too formal clothes( they are from another life), and some why did I buy that stuff. The thrift store will deal with most of that stuff.

Enough rambling. The week was fruitful and i completed last weeks sprouts project for Gina Rossi( great name she gives a prompt and sample), the off you filled with incredible ideas. But for more on this you have to join the No Excuses group on FB.  This is an altered page. Have to figure how to get it in journal

This one is for Journal52

And here below is Calendar Challenge not finished. This is where i try out water colors that did not arrive hence the white areas. 

Above is some practice lettering from the Joanne Sharpe Book The art of whimsical Lettering". I worked in my book from her class .
Now what has this to do with anything.  It is The Game of Workspaces.  it is a chance to see how other crafties around the world work.  I tis the brilliant idea of MS Julia Dunnet.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I just wrote a blog and lost it. This is a bad computer day. The videos in my class Draw Your Awesome Year would not load. The techie at my service provider said i did not have enough internet speed. It is no different than it was in the past two years. Yet suddenly it is too slow. i think they give you any answer and I blame myself for not asking why it is suddenly too slow.
Half the afternoon was wasted on that and I had great plans for today.

I will post this and switch to Blogsy see if that works.

The book called Back to School is for the class to accompany the book The Art of Whimsical Writing, that finally arrived. It ischock full of information that I am anxious to work on if only all the problems would go away. The picture to the right is for Journal 52 How Does Your Garden Grow. I followed the idea Chelli Stein used on her. Blog and painted the background black using acrylics. Then when it was dry painted colors over it then added flowers in white and finally colored them with Tombow markers. she though the black gave depth. i think it just tones it down .

I have been trying out watercolors using the cheap ones I bought 5 years ago. Today I ordered a travel pack of Senneliers. i hope they really are worth it. Watercolors and a water brush are easy when you travel. This all came from cleaning out of Bloglovin and unfollowing all the blogs that are just product driven. Those blogs make you feel you want and need something and by the time the products arise you have forgotten where and how you saw them. They were replaced with some watercolorists that I recently discovered, well really I took the time to read their blogs and liked. People like Dion Dior, true talent.

This week I was cooking a lot and forgot to take pictures. I again made the Meyer Lemon cheesecake with the ginger nut crust and a lemon curd topping. It really is incredible. We had friends over and it was a pizza evening. The crusts were fine but I skimped on the toppings after reading that too much topping ruined a pizza, the experts were wrong. Well let us say there was enough wine to compensate!

Well it is time for bed here. Enjoy your week and I plan to visit as many blogs as possible through WOYWW.

Night night



Getting onto blogger dashboard was so easy until Google screwed up the multiple accounts.  Now it is a pain.  It is now easier are iPad and Blogsy.  Alas I let the battery run down.

So here we are with week 252 and of WOYWW.  well here is my mess.