Today i am tired as one of the really good instructors filled in yesterday at the gym and it was a real workout. It is always the next day it catches up. 

 This week it is flat out on No Excuses and Awesome Year journals. I am attempting to improve my script. I feel it may be a lost cause as my "fixed" carpal tunnel seems to have returned.  

Here is one of my workspaces, the desk where I like to sit and write.  It is the right height and so is easier than the work table.  The orange bag was a gift and is perfect for traveling art supplies.  It is a good fit for the traveling water color paints just purchased.  Another learning experience that requires lots of practice.    Note the spelling error in the lettering practice book!

below is my other workplace  My kitchen .  I love cooking.  Chris offered to help so he got to peel the onions .  It is for a venison chili for him and a friend tomorrow.

That's it from me I have to go and get dessert.   Strawberries and ice cream.

Visit you all tomorrow.     


  1. I've been trying to use more of my own writing in my journals too. Yep, practice, practice, that is what I do when watching the tv.

    Good to see Chris in the kitchen, I'll pass on the venison, but I'll be there for strawberries and ice cream.....my wine glass is already full.......LOL
    Krisha #3

  2. Oh Monica, although I'm not playing this week, I had to stop by and tell you how grateful I am that you visit me, even when I don't reciprocate. Thank you beyond belief.

    I love your retro kitchen. It is awesome. I'm not a fan of yellow kitchens, but I sure like it in yours. It looks like it fits perfectly with that mid-century modern look. And I bet that's all original, too.

    Again, thanks for always visiting me, even when I don't seem to find time to visit you.

  3. Ha, I just knew that you wouldn't have a dark wooden kitchen! I love it - my favourite colour in the world..how can you fail to be cheered when working in there! Sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel..that would seriously inconvenience me if I had to deal with that again..don't put up with it gal! I had English grown strawbeeries last night too. Forced, for sure, but oh my, they were lovely!

  4. Thanks for the look into your world! Great album and I love your kitchen!
    Glenda #49

  5. Hello Monica. Great writing - and we don't mind a little spelling mistake, now do we??
    Love your kitchen - a huge space for working in. How lovely to have a helper there...
    Have a special Easter.
    Margaret #18

  6. Mmm. I am trying to do more exercise but I don't find it gives me more energy, I just lose a day being wiped out!! I do wonder if it is worth it sometimes. I hope your carpal tunnel doesn't get any worse - I had an inflamed wrist about 10 years ago that I thought was the start of that but I got it sorted. Unfortunately the same one is starting up again, makes it so hard to do anything (and means I can only do half an hour of chores before I have to give up hee hee) Thanks for sharing you workspace, Happy WOYWW and Happy Easter, Cindy #59

  7. I always hate it when there is a substitute teacher at the gym--and so does my body!!

  8. Hi Monica...oh yes the second day is always worse...you're coming along with the script...have fun and a great week Cheers RobynO#43

  9. Your life is so bright and vibrant. Love your work space.

  10. Well done you!!I am going to increase my exercise.Started walking 2km per day.Moren each day.Then other stretching etc.Feels good doesn't it.
    Love your bright house/kitchen.just like you. Is your hubby as dynamic as you?
    Judy #32

  11. Your kitchen looks MASSIVE!!!!


  12. The workdesk looks impressive. Love the colours in the journal. Hope the lunch was great.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #88

  13. Sorry to hear your carpal tunnel is acting up. It looks like you've done quite a bit in those journals. Glad I popped by.

  14. What a pretty happy work place! Ha ha spelling errors? You should see my notes from work. Yikes it's so bad :) Good to have your sweetie working away in the kitchen!


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