when it'sTuesday it feels like the week has flown by. What have I done, a time to reflect. This week was mixed I made pillow covers for the rv. Not too exciting.then I worked on my journals that was twarted by intense pain in right hand, the return of. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Yeeks I thought it was cured with surgery. No an intense session in the gym with a substitute teacherresulted in this. i thought it was my practce in drawing but no, it was the gym. So rubbing in Penssaid and now a nightly splint it remains . Well it has eased off but enough to slow me down.

My desk top after all the clean up and more clean up to sew it was great then wham bam, I decided to do a collage. My desk was back covered with collage material for the Journal52 Prompt to use old stuff for a page.

This is the page a crazy quilt block in paper. Quite simple small and a result of a massive search of all those little bags of unused stuff.

So folks today I was trying to download an app for. Menue planning Food Planner. I hoped it would save time and organize me and control the accumulation of great cooking ideas in the fridge. These apps are never simple and 3 hours later I was going nuts as the notification kept going off every few minutes. Why, a mystery of the mobile unflods. Forget how and why I had set the dam thing to a ringtone of wooody woodpecker. I was ready to strangle that bird na d could not find him. By chance the right hit and there he was lurking in some corner of my phone. Several hours later he was snagged and excomuicated to his app. So currently I have a phone that rings but who knows what is lurking to drive me crazy tomorrow.


If the writing is wierd, well that is today along with iPad and its need to be the supreme controller.

I am going nuts




  1. Monica I'm so sorry to hear about your carpal return. I hope you will soon feel improvement. Love seeing your work.

  2. So sorry to hear about your wrists acting up again, but your journal page is great.
    Krisha no#yet

  3. Love your journal page and the quilting. Hope the pain eases off a bit for you.
    Hugs, & Thanks for visiting me earlier. Neet 27 xx

  4. Hope your carpel tunnel is improving--makes it hard to do much art. Wish I was there to see all your journals in person.. That woody woodpecker ring must have driven you crazy!!

  5. I LOVE crazy quilts - paper or fabric they're wonderful!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 2

  6. Sorry to hear about your wrist problem - you'll have to pace yourself carefully, so that you can continue doing stuff, without making it worse. Looks like you've been really busy there. Have a great week, Chris # 19 xx

  7. Hi Monica, what a fantastic way to use up scraps- love that crazy quilt page. Lolled at your phone story- this week I upgraded to a smartphone-trouble is the darn thing is smarter than the user! Not used to the touchscreen, so phoned 3 random people whilst trying to enter all my contact numbers, rofl!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #54 xxx

  8. LOL your trials with technology sound so similar to mine! I swear my phone has a complete mind of its own - I just let it geton with it now, I really don't have the energy to make it behave!! The ipad hasn't started playing up yET.... but I daresay it will at some stage.

    Love the patchwork paper pag, so bright and colourful. And yes there is no sense in re-inventing the wheel is there? Happy WOYWW, Cindy #56

  9. Wonderfully creative photos. Your constant battles with technology are always hilarious - and I admire your tenacity!


  10. Golly, you have been busy. Sorry to read about the return of your carpel tunnel problems. Sometimes trainers can get too aggressive, especially if they aren't used to you and your routine. I hope the night gear does the trick. And sometimes slowing down is the only way to fight this debilitating syndrome.

    Had to laugh at your comment about Bleubeard and shrimp. He didn't get a bit of it, nor did he even smell any on my breath when I got home, either, because I had cake and ice cream after the main course (grin).

  11. Happy WOYWW Sorry to peek in, read and dash... .!! I am so far behind in my Journal 52.... thanks for sharing your desk!
    hugs, Kimmer #96

  12. We're all a little crazy - right? LOL I really like your quilt page. April #71

  13. Hi Monica
    happy WOYWW. Sorry I am running late. Oh good work on the cushions and I love the collages and that bright journal page. I do hope the carpal tunnel pain settles again soon for you
    Annette In Oz #8

  14. Comfy pillows and colorful collage - you are a crafty one. Susanne #76

  15. Oh Monica, how I adore you and your sense of creativity and sense of humor! <3


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