I just wrote a blog and lost it. This is a bad computer day. The videos in my class Draw Your Awesome Year would not load. The techie at my service provider said i did not have enough internet speed. It is no different than it was in the past two years. Yet suddenly it is too slow. i think they give you any answer and I blame myself for not asking why it is suddenly too slow.
Half the afternoon was wasted on that and I had great plans for today.

I will post this and switch to Blogsy see if that works.

The book called Back to School is for the class to accompany the book The Art of Whimsical Writing, that finally arrived. It ischock full of information that I am anxious to work on if only all the problems would go away. The picture to the right is for Journal 52 How Does Your Garden Grow. I followed the idea Chelli Stein used on her. Blog and painted the background black using acrylics. Then when it was dry painted colors over it then added flowers in white and finally colored them with Tombow markers. she though the black gave depth. i think it just tones it down .

I have been trying out watercolors using the cheap ones I bought 5 years ago. Today I ordered a travel pack of Senneliers. i hope they really are worth it. Watercolors and a water brush are easy when you travel. This all came from cleaning out of Bloglovin and unfollowing all the blogs that are just product driven. Those blogs make you feel you want and need something and by the time the products arise you have forgotten where and how you saw them. They were replaced with some watercolorists that I recently discovered, well really I took the time to read their blogs and liked. People like Dion Dior, true talent.

This week I was cooking a lot and forgot to take pictures. I again made the Meyer Lemon cheesecake with the ginger nut crust and a lemon curd topping. It really is incredible. We had friends over and it was a pizza evening. The crusts were fine but I skimped on the toppings after reading that too much topping ruined a pizza, the experts were wrong. Well let us say there was enough wine to compensate!

Well it is time for bed here. Enjoy your week and I plan to visit as many blogs as possible through WOYWW.

Night night



  1. Hi Monica...I just bought my first palette of watercolours, cheap ones to see if I can play a bit...as I've been seeing lots lately from very talented artists. I agree too with the pizza toppings...we make our own but don't have room to follow up with lemon cheesecake...maybe a red or two. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#40

  2. You've had a whale of a day, and week too, it seems. Of course, wine helped with the lack of toppings on the pizza. Glad I didn't follow what Chelle did, because I like your assessment better.

    And I quit reading blogs that only sell products. They are so busy selling their wares, they have forgotten what got them where they are. OK, I hope that made sense because it's really past my bedtime, too. Happy WOYWW from # 15.

  3. my your are busy what fab projects you have on the go hope your new paints are up to scratch. the cheesecake sounds divine ....I i love cheesecake but cant bake/cook for toffee... but hey I have great imagination ...drool.!! hope you have faun creative week ahead crafty hugs Andrea #45

  4. I am at that point of cleaning out some blogs too.

    Your journals look fantastic as always. I haven't quite finished my J52 page, will most likely post it today or tomorrow.

    No # this week, didn't link up. Have a horrific head cold and just couldn't get it done.

  5. Thank goodness, last night when I was making a casserole I remember to snap a picture so I can blog about it! And yes, the last thing I need is more blogs telling me to buy more things. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #18

  6. You are always so busy. I love seeing all your little projects. Hope today is a better computer day.

  7. Hi Monica - doesn't it drive you crazy when techy doesn't do what you want or expect? I hope you enjoy playing with your new purchases. The cheescake sounds yummy, but I also like the sound of the wine!! Have a great week. Chrysalis 53

  8. Well it certainly looks like you've enough to keep you busy for a while, I like the summery scene you've done, wish the real weather would resemble that some time soon lol
    Happy Wednesday
    Minxy {was #6 now #23}

  9. Fabulous journal, Monica - gorgeous colours. Sorry to hear you are having Internet problems. We used to have a lot of that until we moved to a more urban area. Hope all will be resolved soon!

    Thanks for your visit and your nice comment. I haven't decided what to do with all the teabag backgrounds I'm making but did think of incorporating them into some sort of album... Hop back to my blog and see what a great time we had celebrating Mum's birthday today, and see some photos of the food lol! That sticky toffee pavlova is my absolute favourite pudding!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #20

  10. Love your journals, and that cheesecake sounds divine! I love anything lemon, and the ginger crumb-awesome.Have a great week, running around late this week, I lost Wednesday completely, lol. Hugs Shaz #55 xx

  11. What a lovely colourful desk! Loads to look at. Thanks for sharing!

    Lisa #88

  12. Your cheesecake sounds wonderful! and you are right, the sauce is what makes the pizza good! Good luck with the water colors. I just recently tried this, and invested in some paints, paper and brushes! What we get into! :) #44

  13. Thanks for coming back and seeing how we celebrated Mum's birthday! You are right - we need the rain as well as the sun, in order to create the beautiful country we live in.

    Hope you've managed to resolve your internet problems by now.


  14. I hope the watercolours arrive soon and you show us how you get on with them.. You made me think about finding mine !
    Sorry for such a late return visit
    Jackie 5


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