WOYWW 56 Correction 256

Nothing today. i was meeting a new doctor, my doctor left town and referred me to a Dr. Susan King. My lucky day the first doctor in 40 years to offer hope. not to restore hearing just maybe my ability to hear a little clearer, to loose the tinnitus and maybe improve balance. What more. Cures are Fantasy. Really to improve functionality however limited is a gift. I have had Menieres Disease since 1976 and it has progressed to the point where hearing loss, no balance and tinnitus interfere with life. Just to improve a little is the gift. Every doctor I saw said there was nothing they could do. i grasped at many straws. This woman has a solid training, a desire to help and science in her grasp. So a hopeful future awaits. Sorry no desk today just happy. Meanwhile life goes on Chris has shingles, he thought it was mosquito bites. That is on the road to control. And tonight I feel a little drunk. I would show you all the marmalade we made from 4 very large Houston grown grapefruits but alas, sync is not all the geeks would have us believe. We made it using an Aussie recipe for cooking in the microwave for 20 mins. A couple of hours later it was not setting despite all the efforts to help it along. We just canned it and will check at weekend when we have toast for breckee. Oh the photo of marmalade is on smartphone who is so smart refuses to sync it to ipad or PC, proper little God! So just go and visit all the WOYWW SITES AND GET AWED AND GIGGLED OUT By a lot of fun folks. IPad is acting up Hugs Monica

Corrected title on PC  from 56 to 256!.......Problem now with a Plug in.  It is 4.08 am.  I better post and go back to bed.


  1. Good news eh? Will definitely keep both you on the prayer list.
    Poor Chris, I had the shingles about 6 years ago, wouldn't even wish that on my MIL!!! LOL
    Keep your chin UP GF!
    Krisha no # yet

  2. I can certainly empathize with your tinnitus because I've had it for years and years. I've never even considered going to a doctor for it, though. Just lived with all this ringing in my ears, which gets worse every year.

    Grapefruit marmalade sounds fantastic. I'd love to join you for some, even if it doesn't set well.

    Have a great week and WOYWW. No number yet, but you know where Bleubeard and I live (grin).

  3. Hope everything get's better for both of you and will see your space next week hugs Nikki 7

  4. Monica-I'm so glad to hear that there might be some help for improvement for your Menieres disease. Hope Chris's shingles improve soon!!!

  5. How horrid for both of you - they are both really nasty things to have. I do hope things improve soon. Frustrating about the marmalade - have you tried adding extra pectin? You can buy bottles of it in the UK. Love, Chris # 15

  6. How wonderful to be offered some hope and all the best to Chris. Love the sound of your nuked marmalade.
    Sandra @65

  7. Fingers crossed for you
    Happy WOYWW (on thursday!)

  8. Oh, so so so sorry Chris has the Shingles. Hopefully he got in in time to start taking Valtrex. It helped halt the progression. Please tell him to rest and drink lots of water. I got hooked on the Pellegrino because it was fizzy. (Thank goodness Costco sells it by the case.!) I finally got my Shingles shot two weeks ago. Surprisingly my insurance covered it. When I opened the Explanation of Benefits. After I paid cash. Then I called the doctor's office to get the refund. Hello. Anyways, good old pink calamine lotion helps with the itches. And Advil and time for the pain to abate.

  9. Hi Monica, happy WOYWW. Do hope this doc can help you and that Chris is on the mend soon. Love marmalade but haven't made it in the microwave. Sending you a hug and have a wonderful happy week Cheers RobynO#68

  10. I came to visit, but this points to last week's WOYWW. Not sure what happened, but maybe it didn't post. Happy WOYWW from # 5 this 257th week.


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