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258 wow do they go fast

( cannot get rid of this 1 no idea how it go there. The joy of the digital life)Today the desk is sorta tidy. Just stuff to take on Vacation. We leave next monday for the Mouse House. You know Mickey's place in Orlando with another 50,000 folks.Onto my desk, trying to catch up with Journals and prepare for vacation with family from UK.

Here is my desk. Journal 52 for this week is photography. I have never been interested in this topic but snap photos as we travel from place to place in the RV. They serve as momentos of a trip as I shoot through the window of the RV as we move along the highway. I used Picasa to print them, I'm a little rusty on it so I made the Wallet layout and joined and folded pages to be an add on, the concertina fold. All round are travel needs, stickers, a book for the trip and the journals I plan to work on as we ride along. I think Tombows will go with me rather than watercolors.
I like to work on journals etc when traveling I10 east it gets b…

WOYWW 257 This week has wings

Thanks you to everyone with all you kind thoughts last week. Hubby saw doctor and was immediately put on a very high dose of Valtrex and the nasties slunk away.

Last week i saw an incredible doctor about my menieres disease and for the first time in over 30 years felt hope that there are procedures the just might improve my hearing enough for me to understand what people are saying. I have poor hearing in my right ear and very little in the left. It is possible that the left van be tapped to assist the right. It was all very high tech and long medical words but she was succinct, knowledgeable and positive. A good foundation for hope.

So on to the desk as that is why we visit each other. This week I want to catch-up on journal and prepare for our vacation. Almost there but life does get in the way however pleasant and so here we are are almost there.

I This is my desk after not quite a day of working on journals, to right is Journal52, prompt is hand and to right week16 recycle …