In an effort to catch-up on all my journals, absolute insanity has ensued. The desk proves the point!

First of all it was Draw Your Awesome Year and getting the June background finished and on to filling in the days based on travel notes. Next was Journal 52. This became more complicated as the grand ideas for each weekly prompt just never worked and lots of angst and rethinking followed. Looking at Chelle's samples, I felt this was meant to be simple and nothing more than a background for journaling. One prompt was "Making a mandala". Since I have absolutely no interest in this topic and a complete inability to make repeated patterns of symmetrical shapes this was a tough one. Then i found a sample of Washi tapes, dye cut a circle from it and had fun with something completely crazy. Progress was extremely slow on completing all 6 prompts and one prompt remains to be made as using my Tombows and the blending pen to create a scene did not work. A re think, well a revision of my thinking on, how they should be used, resulted so this has to be re-done.

All of this was dispersed among parties celebrations, doctor visits and tests.

Celebrating hubby's(L) birthday with Art and Kay

Yesterday was the "water boarding Day". So named as the grand finale of several tests aimed at sending you into a spin, consisted of cold water then warm(it felt hot) water being poured into the ear. A very disorienting day followed. Computer problems, really lack of knowledge about the more complex things, to me, of the computer world has been a MAJOR time gobbler. Lets start with transferring photos from cell phone to blog /Facebook/ gmail. Simple! had to download app, Dropbox, and at a speed that makes the USPS look fast downloaded photos from phone to PC. YUK!

So here we are at Wednesday. Julie the queen of WOYWW, has been "proper poorly" though there are rumblings from the throne that she is making an excellent recovery. You go Julie; hang in there and make the most of the sick status.

Please visit http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ and see what this is all about.




  1. Wow have you been busy creating LOTS looks great all the work you've done
    Have a great day hugs
    My Desk

  2. I am impressed at your stick to ittiveness with these journals!! The waer ear torture sounds awful, but hope it will help determine exactly what to do with your hearing.

  3. I love the look of all you have going on your desk!!! Happy Birthday to hubby and I am so sorry about the tests. I had some tests to see why I was having vertigo and they did something similar. Is that what you are dealing with? Thinking of you!!!

  4. Good for you - I have too many neglected journals so you are an inspiration. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #50

  5. Oh my! That's a LOT of work on your desk! Hope you get all accomplished that you want. And I hope the doctors get your ear problem figured out and cured. Happy WOYWW and thanks for popping by.
    Carol N #62

  6. Sounds like you've been really busy creating and having family fun too. Hope you get all caught up soon.
    Have a great week #65

  7. Hope you manage to complete everything. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #43

  8. You're very kind. I'm here, in short bursts and when I feel fine, it's a marvellous thing! Just really tired after the slightest thing - at least I'm not having tests like you are - sounds awful. Hope they prove something tangible, and put right-able. Your desk is a sight for sore eyes, the multi-projecting would completely stymie me..and then I'd be back in my armchair in a flash!

  9. Ugh, those tests don't sound much fun :(

    I'm loving the insanity of your desk - crazy is good!


  10. I'm trying to catch up because I've been offline most of the day. Finally had to call AT&T who did some diagnostics, and other things to get me back online. So I can empathize with your computer/phone problems.

    I like the looks of your Journal 52 with the washi tape. That was very clever. You asked if I journal in mine. No, I joined the challenge not realizing it was called JOURNAL 52, but thinking it was called PROJECT 52. I don't journal, and I often don't even add words to my layouts. And you will seldom see me writing anything by hand, unless it's my name. But you seem to be doing very well and I am delighted these journals fit your artistic style so well. They all look very, very ambitious.


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