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Hello everyone. Just a brief blog today to welcome our Wednesday get together. Head to Miss Julie's desk to see what it is all about. Writing this on PC and may have to switch to iPad for photos if they do not sync.


Above the desk somewhat tidier than last week and at the top my computer desk moved around so I can face the light when painting. Below first attempt using all watercolors and my new black Unibal Vision fine.

Thanks to everyone sending well wishes re hearing tests. I have Meniere's Disease. It is nothing new as it was diagnosed well over 30 years ago. Now it is better defined and I am trying out hearing devices to see if there is any improvement using them with my hearing.

Between keeping up with my journals last week was a few days of learning Dropbox and other mysteries of syncing. We golden oldies struggle with all this technology as we have had to learn when fingers are large and key boards minuscule. It was a much simpler life when clouds held rain and not photos!

Off to find that cloud, there are now at least 4 carrying my images(note photos are only truly photo's when images are printed)around the heavens. That is a nice image when in truth they are stored on a whirring machine in places unknown. Oh they have arrived but refuse to be posted!

Had to switch to iPad for posting photos on Blogsy.

Have a super week.



  1. What a wonderful workspace - looks like a great place to have fun! And your painting is gorgeous, love the color combo!

  2. Glad you got diagnosed and can now work on solutions! Your painting is gorgeous! And your desks, definitely good working light and space! Thanks for popping by and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #50

  3. Love your pretty flower water colour and admire your nicely organised studio space!
    Have a creative week
    Gillian #28

  4. Monica, I love the warm colour of your room - it positively glows! You've got a great creative space there! Your watercolour with the black pen is just gorgeous... My hubby used to do a lot of pen and watercolour in the old days and now he's retired maybe he'll do some more. Thanks for your visit and your nice comment - I'm glad you like my little album - I created the book from scratch, entirely from recycled materials. I am having fun working on the pages now, and although they will not all be the same tone as the "Childhood" pages I'm currently working on, the general scheme will be subtle and muted, and the bold black and white borders will give continuity and hold the whole thing together design-wise. It is a great exploration into the creation of different backgrounds and textures!

    Thanks for your good wishes for my health. I have several ongoing problems but recently we seem to have moved into symptom alleviation which is great - even if it does mean taking more meds each day! Anything that helps my chronic conditions is a positive thing, and now we are back from holiday and the dust is beginning to settle as my hubby begins his retirement, I should have more time and energy to be creative.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #23

  5. Love your colorful room! How fun. Creative Blessings ~Kelly #55

  6. I'll have to remember the difference between images and photos. So when you use a digital camera are you an imagrapher? Anyway, I'm so envious of your work space.

  7. It took me a bit to understand Dropbox, too. My hubby says it's user friendly but I'm not buying it. Great job on the watercolor. I am partially deaf and have had hearing aids for years. Remember that you will be wearing them daily so don't be cheap, get what is best for you. Diane #71

  8. You have a great working area with lots of table space, it's a very useful place to create, I'm very jealous Lol!.
    Your watercolour picture is lovely too.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  9. Sorry forgot to give you my number, Angela x # 48

  10. Oh my, it's not being a golden oldie that makes it a struggle. Some days I hate my ipad and it's lack of handshaking with PC. And Flash, although the latest update has made commenting on blogger slightly easier! Lovely painting, and a jolly good reason for turning to the light!

  11. Hi Monica,

    Great creative space. I'm a bit jealous that you have so much room!

    I love the little watercolor you've done.

    Oh, I still work full time so don't have the energy to look into all the technology available to us. It's funny to talk about the "cloud" in a whole new way. I'm with you, I'd rather it hold rain!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (60)

  12. I probably say this every time I stop by.....love your orange walls! Envious of your large and bright space to work. Lovely water coloring piece. I've moved away from the laptop and now use the iPad solely. Thanks for the earlier visit! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #53

  13. Your first attempt at watercolours? Wow, what will your second be like, cant wait to see

  14. beautiful watercoloring!!!


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