Last week crept up on me and before I knew it, it was late Wednesday before I realized I had missed posting to WOYWW  Today I am starting on Tuesday. Hectic week as i am getting physical therapy for my balance. It is really tiring, possibly because balance involves eyes, ears feet and brain! 

This week, I worked on all the journals and trying to learn to draw.

I made a quick sketch of the Disney castle in one Journal and in No Excuses journal i am keeping up with the daily writing. Behind the journals are two entries for Journal 52, on the left is "Under the Sea" and on the right "Nostalgia".  The latter is about my home town Warrington.  I Googled it and was unable to recognize it.  Talk about you "can never go back".  the revitalization removed almost every remnant of the place i remember. it was even in a different county!!!

I also changed the desk area around opening up the room.the true reason was to have light as i was drawing and coloring.
Here is the work space today.

As well as taking physical therapy I am trying out hearing aids.  This pair is quite amazing as they are digital and so background noise is controlled.  On Friday I return them and try out one that sends signals entering the left ear to the right ear.  In the right ear i have a 20 % hearing loss and around 40 to 50 in the left.

OK it is now Wednesday I will post have a great week and check Miss julie Dunnet  to find out what WOYWW is all about.


  1. Your sketches are fabulous. I didn't know you were so good at drawing, Monica. Love it.

  2. Yeah I don't know where last week went either, it was late on Thursday before I even remembered about woyww, I got ready Tuesday this week too! Busy, busy with those journals, how do you keep up with so many? Hope one of the hearing aids works out for you too. Wearing my homemade socks today, would you believe, in July! Bit nippy up here in Michigan today and tomorrow, something to do with that typhoon in Asia.

    Brenda 58

  3. I sure hope your therapy works! And that you get some good hearing aids. I know they've helped my folks tremendously. Your journals look cool. I think you learning to draw is fascinating! Are you taking lessons or self taught? Thanks for popping by and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #62

  4. Hi Monica,
    Well done on the drawings and painting! Specially like the octopus.
    I'm not playing WOYWW this week, seems that when I do I miss the GDs tumbling class. Her Mom informed me, last nigh,t this may be the last month. I'm trying to learn some graffiti lettering, fun to play around with.
    It must be nice to work by a window, I've been thinking of pulling Betsy out of the closet and completely re-doing this room. But we shall see.
    Hope you find the right hearing device, the one you described sounds very technical to me, so it should be perfect! LOL
    Have a great week.

  5. I think we forget sometimes all of the things involved in balance! I hope your PT goes well, and you get just the right hearing aids you need. I love seeing your art journal pages. It is just the perfect place to practice. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #60

  6. Hope you get on OK with your hearing aids, Monica. My mum has 2 digital ones and does nothing but complain about them (although that doesn't mean a thing because she's good at complaining about a lot of things loll!!) She says they don't cut out the background noise. I hope the treatment for your balance helps - it must be miserable for you. I hope you feel better soon!

    I love your journals - full of interest. It's funny about going back. I've just been back to school and was amazed how different it was - compared with what they have now, we really slummed it lol!

    Thanks for your visit - we have been told by several companies that we can expect the solar panels to pay for themselves in 6-7 years, which is a lot more optimistic than the 25 years I heard from somebody! The return on your investment is a lot better than most these days, with interest rates being so low, and it's tax free too.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #30

  7. Hi Monica! IT IS tiring!!! Three years ago I woke up with a viral infection that had me spinning for a week! They sent me to PT, I also had the test where they blew air in the ears and watched my eyes spin! Oh so much fun. It's been almost four years now and I don't have the spinning but I do struggle with balance. The new hearing aids sound great with being able to tune out the background noise. My MIL has meniere's disease and will have surgery in August! Oh, how we take balance for granted!!! Thinking of you! I like your journals!!!! How awesome to have so many. Crazy how much can change in a short amount of time! Happy WOYWW! Angie #28

  8. My sons girlfriend has just had a digital hearing aid, and she can't believe how much difference its made to her. She can hear their cats purring for the first time.She described it as magical. I understand what you mean about your home town. My Mum still lives in the town I was born and brought up in, Droitwich, and when I have visited over the years I have seen incredible changes- it looks nothing like I remember. It is still in the same county though, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #64 xx

  9. The journals look great.
    Good luck with choosing your hearing aids, hope you get sorted soon.
    Happy crafting and have a great week, Angela x #42

  10. Oh are you doing that thing where you lie down with your head off the edge of the gurney and they move your head left and right for a specific number of seconds and then rinse and repeat? hope it helps. Hearing aids have come a long way haven't they...the background noise thing is what stops many from using them, so that is a vast improvement, it love the idea of the ones that bounce the sound from one ear to the other....is that truly 'in one ear and out of the other?!!!! Like to see your desk right under the window..it is amazing what a difference eit can make, even in a relatively light room. Enjoy....

  11. Hi Monica,

    Wow - keeping up with all those journals must keep you quite busy! I need to learn how to draw; I imagine if I tied to draw a bit every day then it would come in handy. I should do that on my lunch break at work!

    The hearing aids sound interesting. I should get my hearing checked because it seems that I say "What?" alot! My dad has hearing aids and for whatever reason he either doesn't wear them or perhaps turns them down when he does wear them because of the background noise. I'd be interested to hear more as you try on different kinds.

    Thank you for visiting me already!
    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (22)

  12. Wow Monica you're a busy lady - with so many journals on the go at once! I have trouble working in just ONE! Lovely to visit your blog.

  13. Hope all goes well with all that testing and you find time to craft
    Bridget #58

  14. sounds like you have a lot going on with your health. I hope they can find a balance for you. My husband may be looking at hearing aids and he's not thrilled. He's only 53. I hope you'll continue to share your experiences.

    Congrats on keeping in with the various journals. You're doing great! Creative Blessings! Kelly #75


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