Today finds me totally unfocused and lacking  a sense of purpose.  Just one of those days but annoying as we have to start organizing our trip as we leave Sunday.  At least my hair appointment is booked.
This week i started a little class at the Derwent Academy online;  just simple drawing of principles and things I know little about.  No that is not a croissant at the top, it is a shell!

have to show this desk as it is almost tidy.  If anyone wants to send me some OC or anal traits I need them.  I just end up shuffling bits and bobs around the table.  My new water bottle is always there.  I just sorted out my business card index and trew out my past!

Desk below I have doodled around adding to my No Excuses journal and practicing Whimsical Lettering.  On the left is this weeks Prompt for Journal 52.  Really like this project as it is an opportunity to use whatever medium speaks to me.  

Playing around with the settings on the Samsung smart phone.  It is a topic that intrigues me as some things have size restrictions on sending them to sites.  it seems skewed logic sites want low pixels and phone/cameras keeping upping pixels.  Great if you print, not for sending off into cyber space.  
last week there were several questions about my Menieres and the hearing aid.  Menieres army of persecution move in with me some 30 years ago .  Over the years I have controlled the vertigo with Serc a drug not easy to obtain in the USA, as it is not FDA approved.  It maybe produced by something they called a compounding pharmacy, at twice the price it costs in Canada or Mexico. It means getting an Rx and buying from Canada Pharmacy.  it  also seems to control nystagmus, eye movements, and nothing works on tinnitus.   The worst is vertigo (the dizzies) now controlled I am finally trying to hear better.  The hearing aid is a Phonak, I think its an Audeo Q.  I continue to use the loaner from the clinic as the audiologist wants to be sure i am comfortable with it before forking over an arm and a leg!.  So will continue for the next month to assess .  It is hard to believe that i can hear.  The tiny behind ear device controls background noise and tinnitus.   

The physical therapy for my balance or lack of balance is going along fine.  It leaves me tired;  hard to believe but is as if my sensory system is worn out.  The equivalent of running a mile for ears!!  

It is truly summer here in Texas 97F (36C) today, cloudy so the humidity makes it feel much hotter.  With the world in turmoil I feel ready to hide away in my hill top home and bury myself it art crafts and Pinterest.

have a fab week, plan to visit as many of you as possible tomorrow.  it is so incredible to meet everybody and share passions and lives.


  1. I'd be happy to loan you my need to make everything look neat in tidy I also do that so he doesn't realize how much stash I actually own lol. Little bits and bobs are hard to organize and it's tough to keep track of I have little boxes and I use binders so I can flip through them easy or leave it in arms reach to use up

    hugs Nikki C No # yet
    May you not get to worn out from all your therapy :)

  2. That looks like a very inviting workspace with lots of lovely storage.

    House of bears @no. 56

  3. Oh, so glad to see that you might have found the perfect hearing aide.
    I have found that any kind of therapy leaves me zapped!
    I'm not linked up again this week, there has just been too much going on and this weekend is an other BBQ competition, so The Playhouse is out front waiting to be loaded................and I'd just rather "play" at Betsy all day. Plus a back adjustment is scheduled for today, and I'm still sitting here in my pjs dreading all of it....LOL
    Have a good week GF!

  4. The drawings are great! I knew they weren't croissants! I can even tell they are a wentletrap and possibly a murex variety. (geeky me..I have a shell collection) And as always, your journals fascinate me! Have a good week.
    -K #72

  5. I know JUST what you mean with wanting to hide away. How can the world be so beautiful and yet so ugly?

    Your shell sketches are super.


  6. Love your drawings and what a great workspace.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #44

  7. I did think it was a shell and I was right it is not a croissant at all. I do hope you continue to hear well and the aid helps you. Vertigo is not nice at all just one of the downfalls I suppose. Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello I am so sorry for getting back to you so late in the week, life has been hectic here and I am doing the last minute dash to make up for it. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  8. your workspace always looks organized to me. Just the fact that you get yourself to sit down and blog regularly impresses me. I'm afraid I've fallen off the wagon. Love seeing your art room.


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