Just home briefly as we recover from our California trip and prepare for the next. we never had connections for me to post. It was a great trip. Writing and drawing on the road results it lots of shaky lines as the roads all seem to need resurfacing.

This is me preparing for the Navarro Winery barrel tasting. Lovely day and then off to the Pennyroyal Farmstead where they make artisan cheese. Wonderful cheese from sheep and goats. All 136 of them have names.

My desk was my knee and here is

I managed to keep up my Journals but not Journal 52. It was quite fun. Writing is awful due to road .

So tomorrow wednesday I hope to visit everyone. I visited while travling though the signal always went when I tried to post. Timing is everything and in the Arizon wilds and the desert of the sout west the signal comes and goes always when it is desired.

Have a great week.



  1. Not getting travel sick while writing or drawing? I remember as kids we used to "play" a game in the car: a piece of paper, a hard surface (the cooler box in between us) and a pencil held loosely above the paper, just touching it. We let the car draw.
    Oh, and who says we need to draw straight lines or write straight? ;) If only you need to be able to read it, you can write as you like :D.
    Have fun on your next trip!
    Debbie/Daqa #52

  2. Glad you had a good time Monica. Where are you off to next?

  3. Your looking quite well, and happy.

    I truly wish we could have had so visiting time, but I don't blame you for skipping through Bakersfield. We have been having a horrid summer. To top off the high temps this year we also had humidity.....ugh! The draught continues. I never thought I'd say I miss the rain and the fog that it brings, but I have really been wishing it would come back.

    I didn't link up with WOYWW again, made it last week, but had oldest GD here again today. I'm just doing a little blogging while she is still asleep.

    Your journals are really interesting........I can't believe you can write while on the road.

  4. What a great photo Monica,
    You obviously had a fantastic time by the look of it. Great photo ;D
    I'm in awe that you managed to keep up your journal.
    It'll be fantastic to look back on
    Happy WOYWW (minus desk but great art)
    Neesie #62


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