Need to do a happy dance to the rain goddess she visited us today>

It is becoming obvious that i only write my blog for our Wednesday gathering. that is because life online seems to be taking over.  Last week was a hectic week of "Life Intrudes";  meaning there were so many things that had to be done beyond my work area/studio that I felt  overwhelmed.  It was of no help that i had friends over for wine and cheese Saturday and that meant shopping and of course i over did the food.  As a result this week is leftovers.  The cheese was the instigator of this happening as it was cheese from Penny royal the dairy in Boonville CA we visited.  I suddenly had a horrible thought that since this was artisan cheese it would not keep.  It was a good decision.  Then I added other finger food to avoid anyone dying of hunger.  Went crazy over fruit, breads crackers and simply fabulous dried french sausages and jams and relishes and.....I even made chocolate mousse.  As a result I spent Sunday and through today, Tuesday, catching up on my journals.  That done I now have cleanup of my mess.  This brings me to this post I have to reveal my mess because today is "What's On Your Workspace Wednesday".  This is like a weekly visit to a strip club where rather than our bodies(aren't you lucky)we lay bare are work areas.  Here is mine today;that is provided drop box and the other floating menace icloud have synced them to my PC.    

It worked a modern miracle.  Not quite a simple as in the olden days when a laying of hands had the blind seeing and the legless walking, this required a fiddling round with files. The "Where did they go?" daily mystery. 

This is my "art desk" ideal for drawing, painting as the light is perfect, not so for photos.  The trees out of the  window are Ashe Junipers, a junk tree, but for me I am just happy to have anything that grows on the limestone. 
The three images to the right are for journal 52.

This is the work space in the middle of the room, a sort earthly "dropbox".  tomorrow I will have to clean up as essential tools are missing.  I also want to visit as many desks as possible to see some of the great works being created around the world and to check out all those gorgeous British cats. 



  1. Hey there Monica!
    Great pictures this week, LOVE the one on your wall to the right of your work desk, the one that looks like it has fibers on it......very cool. Did you make it?

    My invitation, for the wine and cheese party must still be in the mail.....eh? LOL Sounds like you had a marvelous time. Wine, cheese, and good friends, what more could one want? (maybe a maid to clean after?)
    Have a great week
    Krisha #61

  2. I enjoyed my visit, Monica! You have two great work areas and it's obvious you have a passion for creating!! Happy WOYWW!! Thanks for coming to visit me! Have a wonderful week!! Hugs, Darnell #19

  3. I know what you mean, Monica, about the catering. We had 22 of our church arrive for a bring and share supper on Tuesday evening. It was fantastic - and everyone did indeed bring and share.... then left whatever was over....so we, too are eating up. Makes for a wonderfully varied diet!
    What a fabulous place to be working/playing! Your photo suggests you are up high. Is that right?
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #11

  4. Hey Monica!
    Wow, woman! You have been busy! Were those TX wines you were enjoying? I'd love to stop in next time I'm down TX way but promise me you won't go overboard on the food. I'd just love to chat. Creative Blessings! Kelly #62

  5. Oh dear, the disappearing desk top--I've had that before. I had to chuckle that you overdid the food at your gathering. That's me! Totally! I'll have people over for snacks and suddenly the fridge is full of way too much good for them. It's a good thing hubby and I like snack food for dinner. Junk trees or no, I love the view out your window. Thanks for the visit earlier. Nope, can't be mad at such a sweet kitty. Judy #59

  6. Reading about all the lovely food you did, has made me very hungry. Its 5.00pm her in the uk, nearly dinner time. My desk is lway disappering under a ton of Stuff!. Hey ho. Francesca #36


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