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WOYWW # 282

Last week was a week were silly things aggravate you and you end up doing nothing.  The kittens are growing and have never been taught that as cats they are meant to sleep 15 hours out of every 24.  Xochitll likes playing with the keyboard and Ms Kitty is busy chewing cables, paint brushes, paper and together they chase each other around the house wrecking all in their way.  Google replied to one of Xochitl's message consisting of a word with 3 lines of "x" that "it was too long for their server (or some technical thing) to handle and could she find a short spelling!!!!"

Now to my desk and the reason we all meet every Wednesday to view desks of crafters around the world through the internet as created by the delightful Ms Julie.  Link up and join us please.  

During the part of the week I had energy, I worked on the prompt 42 for this week from Journal 52, Stencil It.  I started with the face stencil, added lines for hair, color with  distress inks and then other…


HELLO EVERYONE. I found time to follow u but not to post. Between kittens, yes 2 now, and my adjusted gym program I have been totally wiped out.
I have to do this post kin two installments and get the desk images from iPad. The great big digital geek guru in the sky seems to choose when and what to sync. Obviously this guru is male and a control freak!

I am now here on iPad an cannot ost images to where iwant them. Oh well! I have managed to keep up with my journal and decided I needed to make the No Excuses more visual. The two other journal are more writing. Two weeks ago at the gym the frivolous instructor quit and since then the program at my gym has picked up and I am tired. Three weeks ago I had added a Yoga class that turns out to be far too advanced for my body. As a result I have been a wreck and add to this a bouts of not sleeping nights resulted in my rapidly becoming a zombie. So this afternoon I head to the gym for a gentle Yoga.

Meet Xochtil, the new kitten ad…

WOYWW 279 Not much creativity here

Unfortunately the time when I like to create seems to occur when cats are most active.  Did I say Cats?  Yes now we have two.  Here is Xochitl (pronounced So Chi).she has many features characteristic of Main Coon cats, large hairy paws, huge swishy tail, lynx ears a white muzzle and the softest fur plus a gentle nature.

Adopted and now sisters, Ms Kitty and Xochtil

and here is my desk

I have to wait for this photo to be cloundbound!

My workdesk shows my  No Excuses Journal and the design started for journal 52.  The prompt for this week's Journal 52 was to use a new technique.  I wanted to try out modeling paste.  It is a little messy to use and requires a few more hours of practice.  it absorbs the color painted under it so it has to be place on uncolored paper. The cat image is watercolor stencil.  I am useless at stencils as stenciling  requires an element of perfection.  Perfection is one of the traits for which I have a deficit. The pencil marks underneath make a good pattern.. T…


Wow I just realized it was Tuesday,and it's 3.42 and today I have done very little due to Miss Kitty.  We chose her Friday at the shelter and here she is checking out my desk and computer.

 I knew journals had a real function

Am i cute!  The royal command PLAY WITH ME.

So there you have it.  She instinctively knows I am at the desk walks over computer keys and then lays down on it.  Something for which no computer has an answer, not even Google.

Her left eye is partially closed with an upper respiratory infection that we are treating and hope she can conquer it.  She also has a redhead's temper and showed off a fine tantrum in the vets office.  

So now I shall try to add some calendar pages.  
 Hope to see the rest of you woywwers have been productive and less distracted by new assistants.

Oh we are getting her friend on Friday so next week i should have help.