HELLO EVERYONE. I found time to follow u but not to post. Between kittens, yes 2 now, and my adjusted gym program I have been totally wiped out.
I have to do this post kin two installments and get the desk images from iPad. The great big digital geek guru in the sky seems to choose when and what to sync. Obviously this guru is male and a control freak!

I am now here on iPad an cannot ost images to where iwant them. Oh well!
I have managed to keep up with my journal and decided I needed to make the No Excuses more visual. The two other journal are more writing. Two weeks ago at the gym the frivolous instructor quit and since then the program at my gym has picked up and I am tired. Three weeks ago I had added a Yoga class that turns out to be far too advanced for my body. As a result I have been a wreck and add to this a bouts of not sleeping nights resulted in my rapidly becoming a zombie. So this afternoon I head to the gym for a gentle Yoga.

Meet Xochtil, the new kitten added Oct 1

"Yes, we are friends"

She came from the shelter. One day one of the new mother cats went crazy clawing at the door. So eventually they let her out and she returned shortly with a tiny kitten that was added to her brood. We named her Xpchitl, aztec for flower/art, pronounced so chee (Chris calls her sushi). She has all the characteristics of a Maine Coon cat, little lynx ears, fuzzy feet, an enormous fuffy tail and the little white mask. She is very long and two months older than Ms kitty. She has a very sweet nature and tiney meow. She is very loving and never sleeps. Together they charge through the house in a never ending round of kitten play. She went beserk when we tried a collar on her. Ms Kitty did not mind and we will try a harness as she longs to go outside and they move faster than us!

Well that's it for this week tomorrow I can visit.

On Facebook people always want to show their desks, i tll them to look up Ms Julie and WOYWW the place to locate like and unlike deskers.



  1. I love seeing your new kitties--they will certainly give you lots of exercise! Good idea to switch to the gentle yoga class--that's what yoga is supposed to be about --all these new style classes where they are trying to kill you with twists or sweat you to death are just someones nw idea of supersizing yoga!!

  2. Really like your wine page, been wine tasting again??
    Yoga can be just as tough of a work out as anything else. My body won't bend like that anymore either.....LOL I am just sticking to a good walk and few others to help strengthen up my poor old joints......grin

    Krisha #61

  3. What sweet little kitties. :-)
    April #70

  4. Hi Monica, happy WOYWW. It sounds like you are overdoing the exercise, take it easy sometimes!
    I love your kitties, especially the new one with the gorgeous fluffy tail!
    Cazzy x #66

  5. You kitties are too cute. Thanks for stopping by #1

  6. Love the look of your journals. Truly hope things get more settled down for you. Love the kitty tales, always enjoy reading about other folks furry friends. Diane #80

  7. Cute kitties and a wonderful busy desk! Thanks so much for your visit!
    Glenda #46

  8. Two kittens! And so cute! No wonder you have no time.
    Sorry for being late commenting. I got as far as 68 yesterday. Today I hope to visit everybody.
    Thank you for letting me have a peep of your workspace.
    Have a good week

  9. She's adorable! I love my MaineCoon. Though right now she is convinced I should be done and be ready to cuddle on the sofa. They are such nurturing breed of cats. Love your sketches. Like the pops of color all over the page. Go with the gentle yoga. You'll be more rested. Creative Blessings! Kelly #61

  10. Well, I was looking at your journal pages, but then I got distracted by your cute kitties :)
    Thanks for stopping by too.


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