WOYWW 279 Not much creativity here

Unfortunately the time when I like to create seems to occur when cats are most active.  Did I say Cats?  Yes now we have two.  Here is Xochitl (pronounced So Chi).she has many features characteristic of Main Coon cats, large hairy paws, huge swishy tail, lynx ears a white muzzle and the softest fur plus a gentle nature.

Adopted and now sisters, Ms Kitty and Xochtil

  and here is my desk

I have to wait for this photo to be cloundbound!

My workdesk shows my  No Excuses Journal and the design started for journal 52.  The prompt for this week's Journal 52 was to use a new technique.  I wanted to try out modeling paste.  It is a little messy to use and requires a few more hours of practice.  it absorbs the color painted under it so it has to be place on uncolored paper. The cat image is watercolor stencil.  I am useless at stencils as stenciling  requires an element of perfection.  Perfection is one of the traits for which I have a deficit. The pencil marks underneath make a good pattern.. The page on the right are cat photos, afterall this journal is where i record what I hope to look at in a few years.  To the left is the previous prompt Cityscape.  This was attempted in watercolor copied from an online photo.  note , Ranger Collage  glue stick; there is a 1/2 inch of glue inside the case holder.  Makes me mad as it is a waste, I use a toothpick to reach it.  

This will be a brief post as Ms Kitty has to go to the vet and we will all need to don armor.   Her eye is healing but she is sneezing and it is blood.  It has not stopped her eating or demanding food, done by getting in your face and tapping you with a paw then a threat of a little nip.  Xochitl is so gentle and sweet.  She likes to wrap around my neck.   See you all on Wednesday morning.


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