This is my desk Tuesday evening.

It is 51 F, (10.55C )and for us that is cold. But my desk was the scene of only a few minutes of action today unless you include the time spent getting rid of Spyware.
here is the real scene of today's action and really quite a craft.

I am using my new Cuisinart (not shown)to cook up all manner of previous ignored goodies, including pastry, a disaster. I have now made it too flaky,mind you it did taste good, and the next batch too tough it tastes awful. Fortunately Chris liked them both. To him a pie is a pie is a pie. It did not take deep analysis to figure out the problem and the remedy ......practice. Anyway, today i went on a cooking orgy. Started with butternut squash soup. kinda boring and (under the cloth) is French bread. Who knows, by the time i link up it my have risen. Also made some chicken stock. So winter I have you covered.

The poppies around the tower are truly one of the greatest memorials ever. in many ways the impact of WW1 was to effect my life, several decades later. A little of these events is recorded in prompt 6 in the page I made for Journal 52

Have a great week. I do have go and play chef. Heated up meat loaf and a fien sauce with zuccini, crusty French bread? Maybe and if fails a good bottle of wine or whine!



  1. Guys will enjoy anything in a pie crust :) I can't wait till I get my stove hooked up I plan on doing the same thing hugs Nikki No # yet

  2. You are having a busy week! Is that a family member in the photo above?

  3. We love butternut squash soup-make it often. I agree about the poppies--what a spectacular memorial. I wonder how long they will remain up and what they will do with all of them when it comes down.

  4. As someone who is enjoying my teenage daughters obsession with all things Great British Bake Off I can totally agree about that being a marvellous craft! Hope your bread rose.

    Carmen x #45

  5. Love your journaling and all the fun going on in the kitchen there! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #57

  6. you want to hear something funny that makes me grin from ear to ear? ( I am a china collector among other things and we have the same mixing bowl ) :) love the peeks into your kitchen too! ~Stacy # 65

  7. It's only early morning, and you have my tummy screaming for fresh hot bread!! Oh, and the wine to wash it down with....LOL
    Have a great day.......and cook on!
    Krisha #12

  8. Your kitchen is so bright and airy. I'll bet it is a wonderful place to create culinary delights. Those are some great looking journal pages you have there. Judy #73

  9. Oh, my goodness, that is a lovely journal page! As for the cooking, I baked pumpkin spice cookies for Bible study this week, and I considered them a flop. They went flat instead of setting up. I think it was because I used home frozen pumpkin instead of the canned it called for. Anyway, my Bible study ladies loved them. They didn't know what they were supposed to look like. LOL #78

  10. Hi Monica - the cooking all sounds scrummy - perfect for a day like today, when I'm sitting cosy by the fire, listening to the wind and rain outside - brr! Your journal page is so beautiful! I love it. Have a great week, Chris # 7

  11. I'll be back later for my lunch :D
    Happy Thursday! (sorry I'm late)

  12. Hi there and nice to meet you. I am new and getting acquainted with people and process. I appreciate your sharing.

    Pat #83

  13. What a great kitchen you have. Did your bread rise? I love your traditional mixing bowl. I used to have one like that but it did not survive the move.
    Thanks for offering me a glass of wine. Thank you.
    Your journal pages look fabulous.
    Have a good week,
    Sorry I’m late but I take my time going through them all. (I enjoy reading all the blogs and look at the photos)

  14. You are a domestic goddess with all that wonderful cooking - Grant sounds like Chris with his 'a pie is a pie' way of thinking. We're lucky to have such appreciative men <3



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