290 WOYWW Happy Christmas 2014

Happy Holidays and a very merry to one and all. we are home with kittens and with their level of activity no decorations. In fact decorating stopped many many years ago when we went away and I loaned out the tree decorations and they were never returned. Out to dinner with friend tonight and tomorrow and Christmas Dinner with just the 4 ( ms Kitty wants the expensive gooey cat food and Xochitl wants to go outside on her own, no harness.) Christmas day we will have a lovely log fire in the grate and an abundance of food and drink. This year the stores had very few English Christmas goodies so the new tradition will be cup cakes from a local bakery, the topping is real buttercream and they are minatures, the perfect size. Quite a party year so far. Have managed to keep up with 3 journals and even some cards. My problem is a lack of inspiration. So this year will work on The Documented Life Journal project only.
I have now subscribed to The Nott Cleaning Up Diesk Society, as a life time member!
This ia actually the tidiest it has been all year as I lost a credit card and had to go through this workspace. Turns out it was in purse! That is my No Excuses Journal lots of finishing up to do on the stuff that require imagination and vision.

Sorry i have been missing so much just seems that Tuesday and Wednesday i have so much to do do. But what eludes me. Now off to make tirimisu for the Eve and for tonight mince pies.
This too had a going over as i lost some acrylic stamps! Journal 52 is on the left. Will do this again next year. Some of the art work on the site is incredible. This is Art Journaling Calendar on the right that I will not be doing in 2015. My spread was mixed media very nice but not enough "me" in it.
Off to make mince pies for tonight and tirimisue for the Eve! Hugs to everyone and my your life if 2015 be filled with true happiness, the bump less bumpy and the joys overwhelming.


  1. I've just sentM D to the kitchen to get me mince pies and a blob of ice cream....we do love 'em! Lost credit card or not, (and so glad it wasn't!), your desk looks amazeballs..like you're totally in control. I get what you're esaying about the lack of inspiration.i think we all just need to rest the mojo awhile. Have a super Christmas...all four of you! Xxxxx

  2. Happy Christmas Monica, and thank you for the laugh! lol. That did make me giggle. Lots of tidiness on the go there, Wishing you a lovely Christmas and New Year from us both, Shaz xx

  3. Hi Monica, Thanks for the wine and the chocolates. But most of all for the laughs! You certainly made me giggle out loud. My hubby came over to see what I was giggling about.
    I'm so glad your credit card wasn't lost, you just didn't know where it was....
    I love the look of your journal, and the calender thingy looks great but I understand what you mean.
    Enjoy the season with your three lovelies,

  4. This morning, I was a "catsitter" for my sister's kitten, and I had to remove all my decor and put it on our dining table. The kitten kept jumping all over the place that I thought something may break! But he is a darling and I can't resist him! Have a blessed Christmas from way over here in Manila! patsy

  5. I know what you mean, Monica! I always know I need a clean-up when I can't find something - only to find the thing was right in front of my nose!! How fun to have new kitties! And your Christmas plans sounded wonderful and merry! Happy WOYWW to you, very late, and all good wishes for a wonderful new year!! Hugs, Darnell #49

  6. Hi Monica - even though our Rosie is 18, she is still knocking a robin (toy!!) off his perch, as I type LOL. Glad you found the credit card - a good excuse for a pre-Christmas clear up. Hope your Christmas has been merry. Hugs, Chris # 10

  7. Your workspace does look very tidy. It's good to lose things now and then so we can have a reason to sort and organize. Hope you found your credit card. I am going to do Documented Life, too, during 2015. I started this year but didn't finish, and I need a reason to keep going with something.


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