Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WOYWW 246.

Another week has flashed by and here we are off checking each others desks. This past week left me little time to create with lots of the humdrums to do and to add to it all a sneezing, coughing cold. So when time was available to create it was mired in stuffed sinus, itchy eyes and runny nose.

I managed to keep up to date on my art calandars and to watch a video that CPS sells with Joanne Sharpe and her Lettering. So here is the desk. I made Chris a thank you card based on a page I saw on Pinterest from Rosie's Arty Stuff. Turns out she is a Brit and some times partcipates in WOYWW. I cannot link to her blog from my iPad so just Google her. Mine is not as arty as her page but her wording touched a spot in my heart and was just what I wanted to say, changed up a little.

This was a busy social week and we also made marmalade as our friends Carol and Larry gave us some grapefruit and Meyers lemons. They grew them in their garden in Houston.

We discovered that you can sterilize and process in the oven and avoid cauldrons of boiling water. This is good as we have an electri induction top and all the pots and pans have to be stainless.

Now a question to all of you who participate in swaps. What do you do with post cards, ATCs, etc that you have accumulated in years of swaps. I have all the old ones in bags and boxes and I am running out of room. So what does everyone do?

This is one corner of my room the east end of the window seat

More under the window seat

The other corner at the end of the window seat, store rolls of paper and bags of tissue paper

The wire thing was for scrunching up tiered skirts.

I would love to hear your ideas as some ofmy swaps are over10 years old.

Time to sleep. Have a great week.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WOYWW245 back to routine

Hi everyone. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and comments regarding the death of Tripper. We now have entered the happy memories phase of life when we talk of Tripper. I do expect to see him sitting by the door every morning and in the backet in my studio. They are happy thoughts.

So my desk, Journal from l to R My practice book my Draw Your Awesome Self from Joanne Sharpe Class and my art journal for the art journal challenge.

I really enjoyed the class with Joanne Sharpe and. It is my first attempt at using Tombow Markers and really using the Caran d'Arche water soluble crayons i bought several years ago. I have never worked with water colors since childhood.  So for this year I will work at art journaling, in the "Draw Your Awesome Year" journal from Joanne's class and the art journal calender Challenge through Kate Crane; this will be with acrylics and gel plates. 

 I spend far too much time on the internet with FB and Pinterest and feel if I drop some of the people I follow I may do more of my own work. I follow a lot of folks who are selling their latest product that they come out with every week. This way I can really enjoy the work of people who have impressed me from visiting WOYWW as well as some of the people your blogs introduce. I feel myself being overtaken by the next great gadget, paint, dye or whatever. If I really attempt to use what I have then I might even learn to appreciate my own stuff. Commercialism serves to make you feel spending money on the next product will improve your art when in reality you need to make some things more than once.  And Practice. This years lesson to self!!

Last night we went to a wine-dinner sponsored by our favorite winery, Navarro wines from California. The restaurant was Otto's German Bistro in Fredricksberg TX. As a Valentine gift to us, we decided to spend the night at the Haufman Haus a B&B owned by the Chef parents. It was wonderful and one of the cats shared our morning. he managed to meow outside the door as we had our coffee in bed. 

Wine and food were incredible and we met some fun people. Happy we stayed over night as the past two days are below freezing. I am so fed up with winter, the longest in the 11 years we have lived int he TX Hill Country. It is supposed to be 70 (21C) tomorrow, quite up from 29F (-2C).

I will try to post this and add other photos on PC! photos posted to FB can be copied to PC but unable to sync.