Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas week 2015

Not been posting in a long time as I wanted to catch up on Journals.  Finally I can see the tabletop, not because it is tidy although, I have filled several garbage cans with paper and bits, it is more of what to do and where to put it.  Well the truth is I am avoiding it.  What is required is a big get rid of.  Not of stuff accumulated recently but the stuff that I bought a few years back when fabric and beading where my passions.

Workspace almost clear

 South wall, sewing machine  I used it today, bag is for cats to play in.

west wall almost clear
the paper cutting area of west wall

North window area stuff moved off desk

 desk  in corner by window

I just have to find a home for the beads  and the remainder of my fabric. 
 Delete photos after they are taken.  If I want to see my desk I can look here on the blog and not in a file called WOYWW that has 3 years of photos.  As it is; mysterious messages keep showing up on PC, iPad and Phone saying "XXX cloud or some other thing that I am not familiar with is full; would I like to buy....." 

Have caught up with Journals and have the kit for Documented Life Un-planner 2016.

 Tomorrow back to doctors as on Nov 14 I executed my left index finger tip, it was sewn on and is now healing, Now, it is just always in the way. In Doctors office i will try visiting.  So all that remains is for me to wish you all a merry merry yuletide and healthy arty new year. 
hugs to all

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


What a fast month. 
 Not much happening on desk . Today Xochitl wrote to Santa. It is written in day 29 of my NaNoJouMo journal now complete to the 29 day. No time for it today as ordered Christmas Pudding and Cake on line from " The English Cousins". Looks great. Yes I love them. NO not like those American fruit cakes.  in fact all of my shopping is on-line this year.

She is requesting an automatic feeder filled with treats, that is password protected so that Ms Kitty cannot get in and eat them all.

Have to go and finish mince, as in meat, pie for dinner. Serving it with pureed peas and mint.

Happy visiting. Will try when in doctors office getting stitches out of finger. it look mummified.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

finger record from 11/14/15 to present

 photos here are for my record as It is the only way from android to PC

ER 11/14

dressing by PETERSEN CRITICAL CARE    this was well done by TERESA      

LOST NAIL PHOTO THIS IS FINGER hand up   11/21 it is looking better

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


i found out my hearing aid was covered for loss and i only have the deductible to meet. so all was rosy them came saturday stupid.  Stuck my finger in my handheld blender.  and blade proved it was sarp.  2 hours, a record, in the ER , several shots of Lidocaine , a pain killer and an antibiotic I was home.   bandaging is no longer taught!

Monday went to hospital ER outpost and a female nurse, knew her stuff.  An angel called Teresa cleaned and bandaged it, explaining every step along the way.

 Advised i see hand specialist.  Chris called his doctor about getting his stitches out and they will see me.  

this week I managed almost daily Fauxbonichi Journal entries.

It is hard to take a photo with finger in splint 

i plan to check out everyone's work space while in the doctor's waiting room.  

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WOYWW # 336 Not a week I WANT TO REMEMBER to remember

On Sunday I lost my left hearing aid when i went out to the grocery store HEB. It's absence noted when I had put away the groceries and was seated at the PC. Horros... one it was missing and 20 I had not noticed it immediately. I hurried back and search the parking lot and the store. it is 12mm deep, 25mm high and 6mm wide.

Replacing it will cost a small fortune. I thought it could never fall out .

Last week was very tiring as I drove twice to San Antonio about 75 miles each way. Wednesday for my Dexa, my count was up in spine by 14%. At this rate it will take me about 30 years to replace my bones! The cost would wipe me out before that. On Thursday Chris had carpal tunnel, thank you everyone for the well wishes. The prep for the surgery was far longer than the surger, 15 minutes. The wait was 4 hours. Why they cannot book you in when they can accommodate you is beyond me or at least say we are running late. This little private clinic did 43 surgeries that day of "minor" bone problems and injuries. Chris is fine. On Sunday I replaced bandages with Bandaids (plasters). He is doing fine.

On my desk are the journals I started a week ago,  Fauxbonichi Journal a project of Felicity Smith on Facebook.  She has a lot of rules that I like and it is fun and easy .  She removes the nutters and seems to get a lot of slack for it.

 This stands for National November Journaling Month  

For more information on NaNoJouMo  click here

That's me for this week.  see you on WOYWW

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

WOYWW335 Planner Organizers Journals

Amazing whenever I decide to clean up my workspace I am overcome by tiredness.  Today is no exception .  My day was spent messing up the page for The Documented Life Journal.  I need to start with a background.  using glue dots(Zots) is a skill I must learn.  journals I think are not a final product but a learning of processes.  
  My workspace today. My DLJ the challenge was to use a tea bag but it is not visible on the left page.  i copied an old drawing that was done with ink on cellophane onto the tea bag.  This was after attempting to print on tissue paper.  it just would not work and the glue ruined the image.    

these techniques take a lot of practise.  I had a class on this about 10 years ago and found some images from there. These below were from there  but the red is a print on  a transparency 

This page was not planned the upper right is a print on fabric  and below is my copy of the original drawing called gaggy on the rocks.  The woman is my adopted mother and the photo is from 1925, the original drawing about 1912.

  Well time to make dinner.  Tomorrow i head for doctors appointment in San Antonio for my annual osteoporosis check.  Then thursday back to take my sweetie for OP surgery, carpal tunnel.  The weather forcast is for scattered thunderstorms.  

I am trying to plan what i want to sign up for next year.  Wanderlust 2016 looks interesting.  I spent time this morning investigating planners and decided I do not need one for daily journaling as they are all too complex.  Planners have pages for plans of plans and organizing your plans plans and...... stickers galore, tabs for tabs and oh so much. ( check this inkwellpress.com).     No wonder i am tired!

have a great week everyone making your art.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


For once I am aware that today being tuesday i should write a post for  WOYWW and tomorrow visit and link up.  For some reason I only remember this around 8.30am as i scurry to dress and leave for the gym after slurping coffee in a morning blah.  I have to think of a mnemonic devise to get me going..... try a note on blender as I make a Dwinkie(smoothie to you) monday through Friday.

the great unvail....my desk

 It never changes. I try to clear it up then have to do something.  I am currently trying to catch up with October in my No Excuses Journal.  that's it in the upper right, black zippered portfolio.  In the front, middle is a color booklet, Arkansa Grown a tourist piece that is all about what grows there and a page with a map of the counties and simplified system of what is grown in every county.  You all know the perennial question of "what is that growing in the field".  We went for a week to Arkansas and Missouri, (where we visited Ron and Ruth) and I am just now putting it in my journal.  I have found a journal is an excellent source for we absented minded oldies who cannot recall where we ate and stayed.  And this is a trip worth doing again.

One of my major stumbling block to getting things done is below.  My sweet demanding Xochitl.  She loves sitting on my chair, I usually sit on her as she sneaks in. After her siesta she attack the PC.  If I do not feed her or at the least give her a treat she will not only pester me but leap on me aiming to sit on my head.  Cute when a kitten, disastrous at 10.3 pounds. 

So here it is my workspace and life.  
 Here, in the Texas Hill Country the temperature is now 77F. 25C   Last week it was 90F, 32C.  I am wearing leggings and long sleeves.  

Back to my journal........

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WEEK 331

I was looking at my desk and realized how the week had flown by.  Busy preparing for a short trip in the RV to Memphis TN and Carthage MO, with cats.  MS kitty will hate it as she loves the cool weather even attacking a large hairy tarantula one night.  Chris covered T with a bucket but she persisted until he drove her off.  Xochitl prefers to walk around her estate in regal form unless she spots a lizard.  meanwhile back at the workspace i have not tidied up since completing my journals.  I am trying to decide what to take next year.  The year long multi teacher have a lot of familiar faces and I want new ones.  Wanderlust is a little different but that supply list is enough to bankrupt one for life.

My workspace is full of junk that I need to discard , the sort you need the day you chuck it out! The black on the lower right is an old planner.  The cover has rotted and i need to find a way to alter it for next year.target sent a new card so the old one will be put to use.  the scissors are my paper one.

last week my friend janet suggested I should post a full picture of my intuitive painting from her class.  so here it is.  the orange is a chair i set it up on to photo.  I plan to do more of these

My Revealry acrylic paints, the pink and purple have gone thick and I wrote to ranger with photos.  they were most helpful, immediate response.
Lovely colors in that range and great for intuitive art as the dry very fast.

Ooops have to go to Beauty Shop for restoration!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


WOYWW 330 and this week I remembered as I was piddling around on the PC that there was a real task to do.  Grabbing iPad for a photo of a workspace that is a little less cluttered than normal, it was time to get on with writing. Just returned from an morning with my friend Deanie, who is now 80 and continues to create adorable fabric goodies.  Currently she is making fishes for an installation next july.  Rushing into the studio and plonking down the goodies I had taken to show her on my desk covered up the cleared space , thus preserving my reputation as a messy person.

 The intuitive painting made at the retreat this summer, (making this masterpiece of modern art was a blast) is laid out along with the finally finished travel journal (Gathering of Goddesses)and my Journal 52.    My journals are up to date and my current task is trying to decide my direction for next year.  

For those new to my blog you may be wondering what is madness is or just wondering why a messy person shows her messy mess. Well head over to headquarters and find out why people from around the world show this stuff and discover the world of crafting.  See everyone tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Just remembered as i was wasting time organizing my photos in Windows 10.  I am slowly discovering how Picasa works, though several hours were spent on Sunday trying to find the edit button.  It failed to appear then it was discovered blanked out.  Mr Google to the rescue.  The plan was to organize the photos in my desktop and then compare to Picasa.  Today a sad attempt was made to tidy up my desk.  My muse rose from the depths of her underground storage and refused to help. instead I will post a photo of  what was on my desk a couple of days ago.  It was meant to be for this weeks journal 52, alas Dropbox is in revolt, that no amount of coaxing has produced an upload. 

After weeks of trying to make the David Brill mini origami book it was discovered, on Sunday in the late afternoon, that I had actually made not 1 but 2!  Discarding them as they were not quite perfect and after many frustrating hours  a little manipulation of fold lines and there it was, the blue thingy to the left. The yellow one resisted assistance and at this time seems headed to garbage rather than restoration.  This view is my desk with the pile of would bes that did not make it, well half the pile.  They keep appearing it all kinds of folders, boxes and places that my desperate self slung them. 

This has been a great week as the internet works(although they have yet to bury the cable) and for the first time it is possible to watch a full video.  

That seems to be it for today.  have a wonderful wednesday checking out workspace thanks to our hostess  braving out the storms and cold of an English fall.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Last week I was able to visit many sites but not comment because my internet has a major problem and switches off for seconds at a time.  The provider cannot fix it and there are complaints.....  We went and found a new provider.  They rely on contractors who for the past 10 days have been coming. Moving on to the finer things in life!

While I can, here is today's workspace

And what happens when I move back to my desk.

The girls were very naughty last night and stayed out all night. Even when daddy showed up at 2.00am, on the deck they ran away!

Today finished my travel journal for the FroupFest art retreat in NC and my entry for the week in No Excuses. (froup is really group but someone made a spelling error so we called ourselves the froup). Now to catch up and relax.

have a great time visiting everyone.  If you are not sure what WWW stands for visit Julie.  Have a creative fun week.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Speak to your Younger Self DLP2015

This is the prompt for this week in DLP 2015 "Speak to your Younger Self -What Advice Will You Offer". My real answer is none. Raised by an elderly mother (she was 50 when she adopted me, aged 2 years) and constantly surrounded by elderly family members, advice from elders was something that was given freely and often. It was based on life as it was in Victorian and Edwardian times. Their phony morality and prejudices where a woman's place was in the home and the man was boss. But I saw some possibilities for my journal page in the the Documented Life Project for that prompt. the art challenge was Layered using multi mediums.

here is the page , medium used, sketch with uniball psn then added a layer of my new Golden Fluid acrylic, at this stage the first page should have been gessoed as the surface needs it. So on went a fine layer of Gesso. Then stamped it with Archival ink then an assortment of pigment inks and Distress inks. Then journaled over it with black pens. The focus is an accordion book made form scrapbook paper and stamped. Collected some motivating quotes and some songs that as a teen, is how I felt at that time ........so dated( based on the BBC programs Listeners Choice and children's favorite, even old then!!!).HOW TO is an accordion book in a clear plastic pocket.  Later when the journal is finished I will fix the pocket a little differently.  Until then it is impossible to write in bulky journals so it is removable when I work in the journal.

The photos are not of me there are none ,so the photos(images ) represent the way I WOULD HAVE FELT as a kid!

the accordion book

Pages open the green tags are lifted up to reveal my younger self's opinion of that!

These photos are unedited as iPad has some new system where rotating pictures is an Apple secret!

Tomorrow is another prompt!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Finally finished most of the pages for friends at the retreat  and forgot to photo them,  Awful week up until Saturday evening.  IF it could go wrong it did.  This time the sink faucet started to leak &  Chris at lease; his "friend who will help" out of town.  Waited all day for plumber.   Decided home alone at night do not need strange man in house!  So canceled. Chris returned home and fixed it.   Just what I had tried to avoid. 
 I turned 73 on Monday.  Quiet home celebration.  Lovely comments from friends on facebook.  Put a smile on my face,

ON my worktop;  Today fruitless trying to do Origami, waste box full! 

Birthday dinner BBQ Bills smoked brisket 

made nice coleslaw

For dessert mini cupcakes chocolate topped with chocolate buttercream 

My perfect plumber.  

That's it for this week.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Recovered from my polkadot bout with poison ivy and on the final leg of prednisone.  The last two weeks of that drug left me on a frenzy of doing , losing, finding and hper everything.  I also thought I had solved syncing  now sinking.   Let me see what inaccessible are have today's batch of photos flown off to. 
Windows 10 you are my darling; never before while I have posted to WWW has the "from your phone" worked. 

Today, continuing to work on my NC retreat journal. Pages were sent Monday to 4 people.  That will take weeks as snail mail lives up to it"s name.  
With the hyper state of the past weeks madness is order or lack of order in my studio.  AND what a time I have had YE  ideas fly My groove is alive and well

This is my "puter desk,  every space in this room is utilized, clutter, bits of this, pages here scattered.

THE WORKSPACE aptly named.  The journal bursting at the seams and not half full. Wax paper a must for the unstable gluer.  More is stuck to fingers wrong spots and bits on the table.   The stamps, sprays, paints, inks and pencils etc were put away last night

If this is your first time to hear of WWW then you must be living in a bunker: politely known as a weekly window on the world of the blogging crafter, artist, hobbyist, art journaler what ever title you use.  (Titles are free.) There are so many talent people in the world for everyone to learn from and share and become friends.  Online friends are GREAT(see last post).

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Last week i was unable to post and the special take home from my fabulous art retreat week with 11 women friends i met on line 6 years ago was poison ivy. By the time I arrived home it enteredmy lymphatic system and was popping up all over my body in an itchy rash. Actually i thought it was shingles. That would be far worse. Now on Prednesone so as this is the start I am wide awake. No desk to show but here is a couple of photos from our art retraet on a mountain 4,000ft high in North Carolina.

Making Citro sol images.

Using heat to make stencils

Boiled books. Or how to mistake poison ivy foy a pretty leaf shape. Every group need a dumb smuck



The gathering area



The view, well one of them

Kitchen with more boiled books waiting for the pot.


So have agreat day visiting everyone.