Another fast week for WOYWW 293

If i spend less time on Pinterest FB and Bloglovin I might have more time to write on my blog and then not feel panicked every Tuesday afternoon around 2.01pm.  Now this is not the fault of MS Julie, the sweet young thing who came up with the idea of this mosey around the desks of like minded persons near and far.  So if you want to know about it and join in head to Stamping-ground

 I am having a really fun time with The Document Life Project(DLP) My original intention was to use it as a way to practice my none existent drawing skills but my love of collage and mix media always wins the dilemma.  One reason when I wrote down my goals for the year they turned out to be the same as those of last year.  Carried away by prompts and Pinterest!!! 

 The tidy desk is gone replace by the true me.  With my new job, Mistress of the Litter Boxes a real lady in waiting(they wait until you clean it)I have days when that is enough cleaning etc.  Truth is I love a studio mess.  

Here is THE WORK SPACE, first looking at it with my back to the window and second view of when I look from the computer.

You can see my entry for DLP here .

My other journal project is Journal 52, I am one of 9,000 signed up for this free prompt and FB group.   this week's prompt was "Just Be".  For some reason my brain seems to check into the brain file box marked "songs" for any and every prompt, then I suffer from replay of a matched up song until an outlet is found.  Using it as a jump off for a journal page is this years solution to the Blank Page Fear and worse still song head Disease.  it beats a thousand push ups!  the song that Brain matched up was "I gotta Be Me" from a dead crooner and Mr Google's helping hand. I dew a silouette then filled it with cut outs that were about things I do, glued them down cut the silhouette out and mounted it on black(yes it is black) paper an attached it over the page I had doodled around on.  

The DLP this week had us use gesso then the prompt "The beginning is Always Today".  The Brain went berserk in the music files with this one.  Then when I was BEGINNING my morning chore as Mistress of the Litter Box a picture popped into my mind that I saw on Sunday during a feeble attempt of organize My Pictures.  I have yet to finish it but however I mess this up it stays.  There are about 4 layers of gesso and I used up a ton of baby wipes.  

Since Ms Kitty is adding pounds and Xochitl is hiding them within that silken fur it is a appropriate they formed the basis for models!.  Do not know who the artist was or I would buy up more as it was a card and the whole is super.   The blank page has a few less layers of paint and gesso and I think I want to make it into a daily visual of my life not every day just enough.  

Better get on with it.

This is the two BIG  kittens after a mocking bird gone crazy sighting.  

have a great week, will visit late Wednesday.


  1. Love the photo of the kitties!! By the mess on the table I can tell you are having great fun with all your projects!!

  2. Your desk looks very industrious! Such a lovely array of colour. I love the pictures of the catbums in the window:) thanks for sharing and have a great week. Lucy #24 woyww x

  3. Your journal is looking fabulous!! And your furbabies are gorgeous too!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #17

  4. Great page in your journal, Monica! Very funny - as are the cats looking out the window! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #47

  5. Thanks for sharing Monica. I love seeing your work and your studio.

  6. Well, your space is reeling with creativity!
    I have J52 page 2 finished out not posted yet. I like what you did with the prompt, what is it about these prompts that always bring songs to mind?? Or is THAT just me....LOL
    Happy WOYWW Monica and friends
    Krisha #8

  7. You can't beat a dead crooner for helping when inspiration is needed! OI love your default setting at your feels like I know you when I see it like this..tidied up is too irregular. As for the Tuesday afternoon are not alone!!

  8. Wow, I had NO idea over 9000 people joined J52 this year. I'm impressed. It's my second year and I love it because I don't have to buy anything. That's mostly why I opted to NOT join DLP last year or this year, either. So glad you are enjoying both, though.

    Your table looks SO you. Not like the clean one last week (grin). Happy WOYWW from #2.

  9. Your pages are looking good! Love those sweet kitty cats, so cute.

    Happy creating and happy woyww,

    Sandy #54

  10. Okay... on one of my trips to Texas I am putting you on my 'must visit' list. Right up there with my Junk Gypsy gals in Round Top. LOL I'll bring the wine :-) also curious... are your cats like mine... they wait for you to clean it just so they can use it IMMEDIATELY! LOL Creative Blessings! Kelly #69


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