Wishing everyone a happy healthy and successful 2015. Also hoping all those resolutions lead to a fuller life and the effort to resolute is wort while. This year my big thing is the Documented Life Project that this year is a journal not a planner. I say this as it appears that many who did it last year find it hard to make a change from planner to journal. My reason for doing this project is that it is less structured and more arty. After paining the cover and completing the first challenge i find myself back in sentence 2, as the first page is a prompt " to be your own goal keeper". When i completed this and looked at ajournal from last year i found that my goals were just the same as last year and just as awkwardly stated as las year. So goals or resolutions do not seem to be working! Thus 2015 starts on a what the....moment. Phots for this arein Drobox so I will add when i get on PC and find them.
My desktop should have been a goal BECAUSE.......... Surely that is a GREAT REVEAL
ABOVE my painting cutting mad desk, Cleaned off and ready to go.
BELOW my computer desk, drawing( that's laughable),and writing desk. Hard to maintain now as both cats think they are computer nerds.

Well now I need to go in search of Dropbox and find my photos of work before i forget.  Wow I am impressed I found them
Stage 1 after gesso, acrylics then a quick spray of Dylusions then more gesso more sprays more gesso more acrylics a few stamps and so on...

Finally quick and finished front, back will be finished later as over a year of use it will get messed up.
here below is the finished front cover.

 now for the first week of the years.

"fresh Start" is on a tag.  Under the tag are my goals.  And left page really represents what i plan to do in the journal. This year I want it to be an art journal with drawings, sketches or stamping expressing the prompt for that week not words telling what it is..  See how long that idea lasts remains to be seen!!!!! 

Enjoy your visits to all the desks it is so much fun and there are so many talented people popping in.  Not sure what I am talking about head over to Ms Julie for a laugh and a giggle and enjoy.


  1. WOW, Monica, I saw the desk from the previous week and I think you did a fantastic job of cleaning and sorting. I love that center table. I wish I had something like that. It would be nice to stash things away like you have done.

    I agree that covers are often the last thing I finish, because I know how much abuse they get while you're working in them.

    Happy belated New Year and happy WOYWW from # 2. Bleubeard says hi, too.

  2. Just saw your post, Monica. You DO NOT have to do the robot thing. It's google's way of being mean. It's a glitch in their "new" software. All you have to do is write your comment, then hit "publish." Your post will automatically and immediately appear. I promise (grin).


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