Today the sun is shining and the view outta my window is gorgeous.  Yesterday, front bridge with 4 teeth had to come out as root canals have signs of decay. The sound of hammering in your head is terrifying. Last week ear doc put me on prednisone as my hearing is deteriorating rapidly.  So I feel like I am in an ancient world were the harbingers of destruction  are closing in and the apocalypse is nigh!  Wow I like that bit of drama. 

 Everyday I sit and stare at an art journal and every day it gets easier to feel inspired.  My discovery of Gesso, thanks to The Documented Journal Project, DJP, has made working much easier as I can wipe out an unsatisfactory idea as a new idea spawns. So between spawn and fizzle new ideas replace the old with a splash of gesso and a quick brush.  This enables me to remember the great idea that spawned after the first idea fizzled.    

So Here is THE Desk

The the theme for the month of January in DLP is ways to cope with a blank page,  and this week the challenge was the color wheel and the prompt is from Georgia O'Keefe.  SO as not to be too literal and draw a color wheel I made up a flower.  The background was bright Dylusions sprays that i toned down with gesso.  It needs some finishing off. My daily visual journaling is on the left.

 This is Journal 52 I showed last week the other side of the Black and the prompt was Just Be.  I had a flash of an old crooner singing Gotta Be Me.  Well, I played with this one.  I captured me to the left of the black in the red glass table taking snapshot!!!!!

This weeks prompt for Journal 52 is "Opening Conversations".  "Do you come here often" is unfinished. 

So that's it from me.  I will get round to everyone in the afternoon and check out workspace thanks to our resident genius MS Julie  for enabling us. 

Thanks for all the super comments,
you all sure light up my day.


  1. Your space is tidy and looking like your having fun and OMG I hate the dentist with a passion I go but hate it and your teeth removed I'm amazed you where awake for it. I have to be knocked out to do any of that stuff.
    Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki no # yet

  2. The joys of gesso!! Gald you are having so much fun with your journals!

  3. GREAT journal pages Monica!! Sorry to hear your having to have all that dental work done. Bob is getting close to being finished...yeah!

    We haven't really seen the sun in a couple of weeks, just gray days punctuated with FOG!!

    Have a great week.
    Krisha #11

  4. I'm catching up with a bit of blogging and visiting those that visited me this week. Thanks for calling by and for your lovely comments.
    Hope the dentist went well for you. I had to have a back tooth pulled out last week so am really sympathetic to your experiences.
    Annie x # 23

  5. Seems that being #1 this week would get me here earlier, but sadly, I'm running far behind.

    Gesso is something I use a lot. Less lately, since mine seems to have dried up, but it is worth the investment.

    As always, I'm super impressed with your J52 entries. You make fantastic journal pages. And talk about "selfies." Loved it.

    Saw your question about Squiggles. I'm not sure how much he weighs, because I don't have a good scale that repeats properly. I may have to borrow my friend Sally's scales to weigh him. Will let you know when I do.

    Happy very belated WOYWW.

  6. Hello!

    I hope that you are feeling better this week - it sounds like very difficult dental work! I love your journal pages and your workdesk with all your creations! Wishing you a happy week!


    Barbara Diane

  7. I too am feeling inspired by DLP. It's the only thing so far I"m keeping up with. Love your pages.


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