this blog is written on my PC and then photos will be added from my iPad when I open the blog in Blogsy.  iPad is out of juice and getting recharged. she behaved very badly after her upgrade and is not sharing her photos with dropbox.  She said it is the whimpy iCloud acting imperious.  

GONE another week.  Thanks for the comments last week they were really a lift to the spirit.  Thursday my hearing improved and through Saturday.  Then Sunday and Monday it was bad again,  Happily it is OK today.  Such is to be expected, amazed I have made it so far.  Just imagine Beethoven had this disease!  So far there have been no great musical breakthroughs, no concertos or Sonatas lurking in the Tinnitus.  BUT I have finished my DLP pages for this week and Journal 52.  What fun this weeks prompts were.  

This weeks prompt at Journal 52 was "windows".  A few weeks ago a crazy mockingbird began to attack the bathroom window driving the cats wild as they jumped from one to the other.  Eventually settled where they could see it in the tree.

The theme for this month is layers at the Documented Life Project the Challenge for this week : when not too Stop ; and the prompt, "Don't Stop 'til you get Enough, (Ooh)".  After many layer here is mine.

My studio remains in uproar and will stay this way over the next two weeks as so much fun is in store, tomorrow doctor in San Antonio and a little light shopping, Thursday is Deanie Day at her studio, now days mainly show and tell. On Saturday Chris and I will cook a fab Valentines dinner for two.  Steaks on the grill, cauliflower puree and asparagus with a salad of avocado and mango topped with a spicy coconut dressing and to elevate the cheer level a great wine from the Smith Sawyer cellars.  To round out this splendid evening of yummyness are mini cupcakes and petit fours from a local bakery, Rails, that only uses the best of ingredients and all butter.  

Have to say today the temperature has dropped to 78F from a high of 81 on Sunday. So a little bit of Sunshine makes me fell all perky.  

the north facing deck, time for a little sherry?

Oh I do love getting on my space ship and traveling to all your blogs.   See you soon.


  1. Your valentine dinner sounds fabulous!! I hope you will bring some of those mini cupcakes along to the retreat this summer!! I like your drawing of the cats sitting side by side looking out the window.

  2. I`d love to join you in a sherry, your deck looks lovely and what views!
    I love the drawing of the cats, reminds me of our dog, he would sit watching cats in the garden ready to make a dash if anyone opened the door.
    My ipad was playing up this morning too, cut me off mid comment
    Jan S no 54

  3. Such a sweet little drawing - it must have been so crazy to see! I sooo hope you feel better soon!

  4. You Valentine's dinner for two sounds heavenly.
    Love your J52 page, mine is still in the works.
    Have a great week
    Krisha #4

  5. I can barely blog at all now on the iPad...so annoying! Good luck with your hearing,and being a musician, I just don't know how Beethoven did it. And I love the journal pages; I just did my first...and boy was that nerve-wracking! Enjoy your sun, and if 78 is too hot, I'll send over some of our 0 to you, with pleasure!

  6. I like your take on the DLP challenge. I got stuck on that one, very much. I have put a few hearts on my page and well thats it. Lost my way with it!


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