WOYWW #299

it is wednesday and the day to go around the world checking out what folks have on their craft space. I am writing Tuesday as we are on CT and no way can I usually post on Wednesday. Who knows, if we are frozen in tomorrow i may be at home all day. What a miserable week of cold weather, below freezing weather. Very un Texas Hill Country weather. I know it is hell on the east coast but they expect it and have all kind of special clothes etc.

The slope of the driveway makes it impossible to get out if it rains and freezes and this was what happened Monday and today Tuesday. Today, by noon it was 2 degrees above freezing and the driveways thawed. I headed to the store. So now I have to cook dinner and make some food for the cats who are not eating. MS Kitty, a little butterball, has refused to eat the expensive cat food bought for her and searches around the kitchen like she will find something. Xochitl is picking at her food. Both are active so here I go making venison and chicken liver in the food processor. Their lack of appetite has not stopped them from climbing up a wall hanging, jumping up to high windows and in Ms Kitty's case eating the butter after getting the lid off the butter dish! XOchitl is emptying the fruit bowl and plays with all the fruit. Favorite was grapes. Good thing we do not have carpets. Yesterday she played with a very large onion.

Yesterday I worked all day in my studio finishing the journal prompts for the week. Then loaded the fabulous video I bought from Peony's and Parakeets. The artist is Finnish and her name is Paivi Eerola.  I really like her style.  Turns out to be a lot more difficult than I imagined Her work in watercolor and colored pencils really speaks to me.I have both these products and do not know how to use them as she does.  

Below are pages for my documented life journal

Here is Journal 52, the aroma therapy prompted made me think of wine tastings and the BS that is spoken about the smells and flavors. It was taken from a real wine tasting!
Time to go and make cat food, and dinner for us, think its leftovers!
See you all when I visit your blogs.


  1. I just had to laugh out loud at the antics of those busy kitties!! I like the new look of your blog. Very nice. I like the art of Peony and parakeet also. Hope you are thawed out by now!!

  2. I Love your page for The Documented Life Project! The toned down background with bright rectangles on it is really special. The weather in the Netherlands is almost Spring-like last days (but they predict rain.. it is 8 celcius above zero though... maybe you should emigrate *teehee*) Thanks for stopping by my blog just now and oh, my 'Chronicles' is a weekly art journal - like a diary - that I keep for the sixth year now. I guess it's kind of my own 'lifebook'... If you're interested: all Chronicles journals and spreads - from former years up till now - are on my website in my gallery here http://www.maritspaperworld.com/art-journals/?wppa-occur=1&wppa-cover=0&wppa-album=1 Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #41

  3. Love your wine tasting page - but I'm taken with those gorgeous flowers on your desk! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

  4. Sounds cold and miserable!! If we have snow we can't go up our (unmade) road and often can't get on the drive - not had snow this winter though - I do like a bit :-) Your kitties sound very mischievous :-) great work on your pages. Anne x #28

  5. A journal page about wine tasting - so creative! x

  6. What a giggle I've had reading about your cats antics! Grapes indeed. My cat will eat the expensive stuff that is good for her but greatly adores bog standard felix and whiskars-they are her version of our take aways. Fat cat. Love your life journal, bought on a mo.ent of imagination on my part. Have a great week - lucy #8 x

  7. Love the journal pages and the flower pics on your desk are gorgeous. Have a great woyww, Angela x 60

  8. Hi Monica - sorry the weather is so miserable for you at the moment. It's a good job you can find lots of nice crafty things to do inside. Your cats sound as crackers as our Rosie - a good job we love them, eh?! Your art work looks great, BTW. Have a great week, Chris # 21

  9. I LOVED your coment about the BS about wine. LOL I like what I like and there are some that I don't. That is all I need to know. hehe Maybe we should get together for a glass while I'm in the Hill Country in May. Fabulous place in Llano with great wine, food and music. The Badu is my favorite place to go when I'm in town. . Cats are entertaining creatures, aren't they. I love my two regardless of how nuts they drive me. LOL Creative Blessings! Kelly #66

  10. I love your journal pages and I have the feeling you know very well how to use your paints. I just stumbled upon Paivi´s blog and found it very interesting. Is the video worth buying?
    Gabriele 3

  11. Well, Monica am finally around to returning your comment last week and here it is already Wed again!! hope your kitties are eating now and the snow or cold has gone way! Shaz in oz.x

  12. Sorry to hear you are shivering & iced in ! Good job you made it to the supermarket for some supplies !! Love your journal pages ! I have done nothing for weeks and almost don't know how to get started again ! Hope those cats leave you some fruit & veg - perhaps you could traing them to whip up a fruit salad !!! Ali #21


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