So sorry to have been missing so long. missed you all.   The inner ear shots were completed at the end of February and the new hearing aid was ready before we left for a brief vacation in Florida.  The financial shock was harder to take than the shots for this.  Who ever comes up with workable inexpensive hearing aids like eyeglasses deserves to be venerated!

Despite everything I have kept up with journaling.  Cannot say i am pleased with everything but it is a real learning experience.  My pages for The Documented life are awful this weeks, is the worst though I have begun to understand Gelli Plates and how to use them a little better.  My experiments with water color and Tombows have both provided some gratification .  In the no excuses journal I decided to use more pencils to prevent bleed through and that is fun.  

The cats are gowing, their behaviour is atrocious. so we decided to let them venture outside.  At least Xochitl is wearing herself out.  Now that they can go out through their own door they seem to want to be in except at nightfall when we want them in.

Reading Susan Branches's book "A Fine Romance; a love affair with the English countryside".  I bought it as it is written like a travel journal.  Love it as I remember all those wonderful places she visits, her little drawings and the quotes.

Well onto my desktop is at 930am, before today's cleaning

this is at 5.30. 
 Now u will never get to see the window seats.  Advice : never buy Gelli Plates......they spill out into every nook and crany! 

 So have a great week and lets have fun!!!


  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE Gelli plates..lol But yes..they do create a big mess when you get into the groove. Must...Make..One ...More...Print! Happy WOYWW :) Shel@PaperOctilloStudio #54

  2. Looks like you have really got into the swing of those gelliplates - go girl ! Ali #62

  3. There seems to be a thing with Gelli plates... when you start using them you seem to end up with masses of sheets of paper. I just can't stop once I get started. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 30

  4. It's so good to have you back, Monica! I hope you're feeling better (inner ear shots don't sound much fun).

    Gelli plates are such fun but yes, they take over your life! I love my printing sessions, but still manage to produce some 'muddy' ones, haha!

    Those naughty kitty cats of yours sound like they are have a LOT of fun...!

    ps perfect blog background :)


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