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So far this week is wasted catching up with chores.  This means cleaning up the Salon du Monica is at a standstill.  I managed to keep Saturday and Sunday afternoons for projects.  so they are caught up.  Today I was reading Pavi's blog (Peony and Parakeet) and decided I really have to make cleaning out this studio a priority for the rest of the year.  

That way I do not have to stop my journals just get rid of more stuff and find a home for the stuff on the window seat etc.  For me it is finding a home for scraps of this that and the other; 

 A sickness that is aided and abetted by everyone who teaches mixed media on the internet, makes videos or gives prompts!!!!.  Yes, you know them.  The sort that encourage you to keep bits you cut off and under paper!!!  Of course it is useful, the day after you throw it away.  And to Kelly Kilmer, the great teacher of collage and journaling who cuts out interesting pictures from magazines and stores them and encourages you to start a collectio…


I cannot post on iPad as iCloud seems to be raining down torrents somewhere or is ignoring me.  Tried to post on Blogsy for 2 hours yesterday.   Just not working today.  Continuing to work on my journals and keep loosing stamps.  I have looked everywhere and they are no to be found.  just used mobile to take desk again and here we are
Have to repeat a swap from 4 years ago.  Going back is not in my radar and I felt like I was doing a school exercise.  The one on the right is the original.  Not only have I had to spend hours searching for the photo and the original I then found that since the original was made out of silk and lace.  Silk and lace were given away a few years ago and the textile texture fluid long dried up. So recreated .    My kittens are now grande! Miss kitty is 10.5 lbs.  Xochitl is lighter and shedding daily, fighting brushing and has become a tree climber.  Just races up and down.  Ms Kitty found a falling tree and proudly demonstrated she can run up a tree too.  Ala…