So far this week is wasted catching up with chores.  This means cleaning up the Salon du Monica is at a standstill.  I managed to keep Saturday and Sunday afternoons for projects.  so they are caught up.  Today I was reading Pavi's blog (Peony and Parakeet) and decided I really have to make cleaning out this studio a priority for the rest of the year.  

That way I do not have to stop my journals just get rid of more stuff and find a home for the stuff on the window seat etc.  For me it is finding a home for scraps of this that and the other; 

 A sickness that is aided and abetted by everyone who teaches mixed media on the internet, makes videos or gives prompts!!!!.  Yes, you know them.  The sort that encourage you to keep bits you cut off and under paper!!!  Of course it is useful, the day after you throw it away.  And to Kelly Kilmer, the great teacher of collage and journaling who cuts out interesting pictures from magazines and stores them and encourages you to start a collection of images from magazines!!!!! She lives in an apartment and has to be the world's greatest organizer. 

 My collection since I started her class around 2010, is in concertina folders and bits are sprinkled around as in inspiration.     In fact the Japanese author Marie Kondo, who Pavi ( she was tidy already) read says  "Marie Kondo, the developer of Konmari method, says that we shouldn't keep things that have stopped sparking joy. She also says that very few items actually pass that test. "  Both these woman live in countries where space is a premium.  Here in Texas we just spread out.  Seriously, I do have to agree with these women and as a start have this year managed to not rush out and buy suggested supplies for my journals.

 From now on I am starving my "inner hoarder" and like the phoenix rising will allow a new Miss Tidy to emerge.  By morning this idea will be forgotten.

To check why we are exposing our mess check Ms Julie the creator of WOYWW


  1. I have a corner of my upstairs hallway filled with stuff I removed from my stamp room that I have to through to find the things that give me joy, hopefully not too much does! My stamp room os overfilled with joy as it is! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #54

  2. It IS very interesting how the papers are growing especially when you are not looking at it ;) - I know I have to clean up as well, I live in a one room apartment so there is definitively not room for much. That "little" I have is messing around with me... thihi.. You have such a great Salon or Studio, can we trade place?? :D
    Thank you ever so much for sharing.

    Kind regards

  3. Hi Monica, your space looks pretty organized, but I know what you mean about saving "everything"........I just don't have the space, and after awhile the pile of scrap papers threaten to topple down on me...LOL I've been feeling the itch to straighten up and file things, I just can't reach the scratch ....grin

    Not playing WOYWW, just stopping for a visit.

  4. It's always the minutia that gets me. I can deal with the big stuff, but the little stuff, one of a kind items and such are hard to find suitable places for. I'm glad I have devoted my entire home to my crafting. Your place looks quite neat, actually.

    Hope you remember to do as you say, because I'm also trying to lighten my load, so to speak. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  5. I laughed when you talked about artists saving underpaper. I don't but find myself feeling guilty when I throw it away. And i don't keep every tiny piece of paper yet it seems my scrap bowl is overflowing. I think we should have a WOYWW great clean out! I was great seeing your studio. Diane #27

  6. What a wonderful crafty studio, it must be lovely to have a dedicated room, but then it is more space to fill so maybe I'm safer with my crafty nook.

  7. Oh that's true Monica...when I do clear up properly, I often look at something and wonder what on earth I saw in it. I put it down to being fickle!! The places for little bits and scraps are so hard to keep organised, I must be missing a gene. The view of your studio is wonderful....If you clear the window seat you may find you have company that just lies about and distracts you...hmm.


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