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Trying to develop good habits and get things done and NOT play on Pinterest.  And here we are another fast week.  MS Julie the designer and creator of this weekly roundup of nosying our way around the world is probably lying around a beach in Spain, a glass of tempranillo in hand.  have a great time dear lady. 

So here is my desk, that is if DropBox received it from Sammy.   Ah all is working.  That is good as i have spent hours with all this computer stuff only to find Picasa does not resize , only when emailing and they seem to enlarge every photo and oh it is such a bother.  

This is the start of The Summer of Color for this week 4.  A quick background of splotches something I have not had much success with.  No excuses pages Journal pages to the left.

Below is my computer desk where I work on my No Excuses journal.  so far i have kept up on a daily basis but for next year i will rethink how i do it.  It needs to be visual and a practice for drawing.  Something I am not good at so avo…


For some reason purple is not a color I am drawn to and whatever I create using it seems to end up with an unhappy or maybe the better word is somber aura to it.  This project was no exception and in fact I had a hard time visualizing anything so I turned to the Gelli plate, nothing but a horrible mess.  back to my practice  journal with a clever background....NOT.   I blamed my Dylusions paint and my inexperience with using such a fine acrylic.  So I Used my cheap WalMart acrylics and hated it but forced my self to go further.  I used Jane Davenport silhouette stencil.  and this is the result.  As I worked on it i was aware that I was having a problem with my vestibular system, I have Menieres Disease .  So here is the final. 

Of the five symptoms of the disease vertigo is by far the worst.   Even though I have not had vertigo for over 10 years the fear of it returns is ever present as the other symptoms wreak havoc on hearing and equilibrium; the constant intrusion of  tinnitus is my …

WOYWW 316 June 23

It is Tuesday afternoon and that means I must get cracking on my post for tomorrow's link up.  WOYWW is a trot around the world to see what everyone is doing at their craft space.  To join in or participate just checkout MS Julie the amazing woman behind this weekly get together.  People make the most gorgeous things
Here I am in almost the same mess as last week.  After another check of u tube videos on how to use Dylusions acrylic paint, I think I get it.  It is just that i have never used such good paint before.  My focus is as always my journals and the weekly prompts now with the addition of The Summer of Color 5.  love this little goodie of color prompts.  This week is 2 purple and one yellow color, now that's a challenge..  
Yesterday  I spent a lot of time trying to get badges on my new Blogger design.  After much angst, you know, beating of breast, laments and overall angst I made a great discovery.  Using the "live" templates in Blogger excludes the use of ba…

WOYWW 316 June 23

Summer of Color 5 week 2

Two of my favorite color combinations pink and orange.  This is an old embroidery design I made up years ago when I was learning raised embroidery.  Alas my hands cannot meet the challenge of embroidery so here it is in paper.  The original plan was to use Dylusions but I have not yet learned to blend them with confidence and so I switched to a box of cheap watercolors and Tombows.  

WOYWW 315 june 17

Really late.  Always remember this at around 8.30am even if written day before which this was not.  usually work on online projects like journals from Friday thru tuesday.  Since adding Summer Color 5 as a new project I am way way behind.  This weeks colors are 2 pinks and Orange, favorite combo of mine.  So yesterday i started on this combo and decided to try my new Dyan Revealry acrylics.  Very nice but it will take a while to learn to blend them.  

Here is my desk  

Added to all this is the weather to the south a tropical storm to the north a fast moving powerful storm and the result is wifi havoc.  Being out of a major metropolitan area means we do not have fiber optic cable and despite paying for hi speed we have slow speed.  
The pinky journal is my mixed media Strathmore journal.  I did not use the basics.  I ended up with a very different image as my blending needs work.   I started with Dylusions spray added Dylusions Acrylics and  oh what a mess.  I need a step by step! Today o…

SUMMER OF COLOR 5 2 Blues one green (SOC5)

Deciding to join Summer of Color was easy but designing a new blog is not. It really started when I tried to add the SOC5 logo.  Weird things happened and that continued once the blog was complete.   There is something wrong with the blog so hope this posts.

Each week for a total of six weeks we get three colors and we have to create using them.  The colors were blue and green, two blues and one green, any hue we like. 
here it is and how i came up with this is a mystery to me.

I used Tombows and used process Blue 452, cobalt blue 535 and light green 195.  I used water brush and blended to get a variations

 then i tried again using Caran D'Arche water color crayons.  Prefer these. The idea for this was the central valley of California that extends hundreds of miles from north to south. That is a chateau in the wine district as the region produces tons of wines like Gallo.  

Ok now i have to see if this works!


Last week was missed by accident rather than by design but as a result of an accident. Tuesday am,  MS Kitty decided to cross my path in an unlucky manner and moment.  I crashed to the floor. About Thursday  I began to feel focused and in the world.  Think it was shock as head did not hit the ground.  My right hip now sports an enormous purple yellow and red bruise.  Happily fading. I made a weak attempt at recording this for posterity in my NE journal!

 MS Kitty has entered the stage "any thing sister can do I can do too".  She proudly ran up the same tree (not quite as high) as Xochitl Friday night and jumped down.  This keeping up behaviour extended into catching lizards.  As if that is n't enough she brings them to us.  We take them outside in hopes of rescuing them.  The kitten stage may well be a complete home entertainment package at times at other it is war.  

In all of this I am keeping up with my journal though not really feeling satisfied  with ideas and style. …