Thursday, June 25, 2015


For some reason purple is not a color I am drawn to and whatever I create using it seems to end up with an unhappy or maybe the better word is somber aura to it.  This project was no exception and in fact I had a hard time visualizing anything so I turned to the Gelli plate, nothing but a horrible mess.  back to my practice  journal with a clever background....NOT.  
I blamed my Dylusions paint and my inexperience with using such a fine acrylic.  So I Used my cheap WalMart acrylics and hated it but forced my self to go further.  I used Jane Davenport silhouette stencil.  and this is the result.  As I worked on it i was aware that I was having a problem with my vestibular system, I have Menieres Disease .  So here is the final

Of the five symptoms of the disease vertigo is by far the worst.   Even though I have not had vertigo for over 10 years the fear of it returns is ever present as the other symptoms wreak havoc on hearing and equilibrium; the constant intrusion of  tinnitus is my own off beat band.


  1. Such an expressive page. Purple is a tricky colour for me too - and purple and yellow easily turns into a muddy brown, making it even trickier (especially for Gelli printing!). After your battle with the colours, your page turned out really well - and says so much about your life with Menieres Disease :(


  2. Monica--I think it is fabulous--I love this color combination!!

  3. OMGosh Monica!! This is just a fantastic journal page. I agree, purple is a HARD color to deal with, and even harder when pared with yellow.

  4. The final product was worth the effort. The colors remind me of a beautiful sunset.

  5. Beautiful art journal page!
    And as Joanna already said: it does express your feelings about living with Menières Disease.


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