Trying to develop good habits and get things done and NOT play on Pinterest.  And here we are another fast week.  MS Julie the designer and creator of this weekly roundup of nosying our way around the world is probably lying around a beach in Spain, a glass of tempranillo in hand.  have a great time dear lady. 

So here is my desk, that is if DropBox received it from Sammy.   Ah all is working.  That is good as i have spent hours with all this computer stuff only to find Picasa does not resize , only when emailing and they seem to enlarge every photo and oh it is such a bother.  

This is the start of The Summer of Color for this week 4.  A quick background of splotches something I have not had much success with.  No excuses pages Journal pages to the left.

Below is my computer desk where I work on my No Excuses journal.  so far i have kept up on a daily basis but for next year i will rethink how i do it.  It needs to be visual and a practice for drawing.  Something I am not good at so avoid.

So there we have it another week a desk well used,

cats sleeping.  Yesterday they had nails cut at the vets and were perfect angels. Now they think they should have a treat a minute to compensate.

have a great week and enjoy summer. 


  1. Looks great! So impressed that you keep up to date on all of this. Inspiring.

  2. I loved looking at your work-in-progress.

    Your cats sound very funny!


  3. You have great follow thru Monica--you've been keeping up with this all year--I am impressed!

  4. I am very curious about what a no-excuses journal is...but it sounds like a great idea! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #46

  5. I can't wait to see your latest SOC entry. This was another tough one for me. Your "no excuses" journal looks great. I think this is one you must really enjoy. Happy WOYWW from # 3.

  6. Great journal pages. I am so impressed you are doing it daily. The kitties do deserve a treat! LOL
    April #50

  7. What a discipline to do your journal pages daily! You are so organised! Well done you.
    Have a great week,

  8. Every day that is impressive indeed. I'm sure you'll start doodling in it someday
    hugs Nikki 6

  9. Your journal looks really interesting. I'd love to do something like that but doubt I'd keep going for a year. I had to smile about your cats wanting endless treats. Our cats and dogs really do know how to work us don't they. Have a lovely week. Barb xx #36


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