Last week was missed by accident rather than by design but as a result of an accident. Tuesday am,  MS Kitty decided to cross my path in an unlucky manner and moment.  I crashed to the floor. About Thursday  I began to feel focused and in the world.  Think it was shock as head did not hit the ground.  My right hip now sports an enormous purple yellow and red bruise.  Happily fading. I made a weak attempt at recording this for posterity in my NE journal!

 MS Kitty has entered the stage "any thing sister can do I can do too".  She proudly ran up the same tree (not quite as high) as Xochitl Friday night and jumped down.  This keeping up behaviour extended into catching lizards.  As if that is n't enough she brings them to us.  We take them outside in hopes of rescuing them.  The kitten stage may well be a complete home entertainment package at times at other it is war.  

In all of this I am keeping up with my journal though not really feeling satisfied  with ideas and style.  Above is J 52 this weeks prompt was wings and since winged creatures are also part of this weeks rescue mission i decided to try to capture the movement of one as we free it.  

 Worktops cleaner and several projects completed.  When summer retreat is over I want to have another clean out.  I feel there is someone somewhere who would benefit from my beads ribbon and yarns.  

 Above is the cleanest surface this desk has had in months;  the same goes for my major workspace.  My problem is the same as always the twiddly little leftovers that it seems a shame to chuck out.  yes I know, the only time you need them or can use them is the day after trash pick up!!  the person who first said" waste not want not" needs to beg our forgiveness though I suspect they have long been dust.

Tomorrow I will try to leave comments when I visit.  I was unable to last week and I think it was due to the rains, storm and general brouhaha going on in the heavens.  La nina  and Le nino were really going at it!!!  We were lucky to not have any damage from the storms.  I am told they were fierce and overhead every night for hours.  You see I really do not hear without my hearing aids.

Se Y'all soon.


  1. Silly Ms Kitty - she needs to be more careful. Wishing you a speedy recovery and I hope your bruising goes down quickly.

    I guess you've discovered the one (and only?) advantage of being deaf,
    not being able to hear raging storms!

    ps re Summer of Color, you don't have to have all the blog buttons etc to join in. Just pop back to TwinkleTwinkle on Monday for the colour prompt, create whatever you are going to create, and having blogged about it, post your blog post link on the Mr Linky thing back on TwinkleTwinkle. I hope you join in, it's great fun :)

  2. Those kitties are wild!! glad you are okay!

  3. Dear me sounds like you went with a crash, pleased to hear your bruises are fading now. I have lots of leftovers that I just can't bear to throw away
    Jan No 47

  4. I really like your J52 page!!
    Thank goodness you didn't break anything with that fall.
    I am finding that I just simply CAN NOT keep every scrap of everything.......and I just purged a bunch of paper scraps and did a major clean up in my craft area as well. I figured that is I have kept that same scrap through 2 or 3 cleanings.....then I AM NOT going to use it........and most likely have a larger, more useable piece of the same thing....LOL
    No # just being nosey..... :)

  5. hope that your bruises fade quickly; i have to have a purge of supplies at least once a year or i start to feel bogged down in it all and dont end up creating anything
    Happy WOYWW
    Charlie #1
    or find me here

  6. aw hope your feeling a bit better and your bruise is going down, on the fun side your journal of it is great, love your workspace with those amazing white drawers, thanks for the snoop

    Jac x
    N0 24

  7. Hi Monica, what an interesting life you lead! Your cats certainly keep you occupied. They can be terrors for getting underfoot, glad you are feeling better after your fall. Have a great week,Hugs, Shaz xx

  8. aww (((hug))) hope you are ok- your jounal page recording of the incident made me smile ( sorry)
    soojay 52#

  9. It's always the minutia that ends up taking forever to pick up and find homes for. I am playing with ICADs this summer and focusing on scraps. That way, I can use them instead of pitching them. If, by the end of summer, I haven't cleaned out my scraps bin, I will probably pitch them. That's hard for me to do, though.

    I simply ADORE your J52 wings. Your painting is unbelievable. Love it.

    Unlike you, I now have one old man and one young buck. The young one gets into everything if I'm not watching. Of course, neither of them is allowed in my craft room because cat fur and paint don't mix!!v Good luck with your two.

    Happy WOYWW from # 5.

  10. Oh dear Monica.Our cat does that too.Lots of near misses!!I'm sorry you had a fall.Always shakes you up.They sort of run between your legs don't they?
    Take care

  11. Hope you are feeling better. How awful. Your desk looks great as does your shelves.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW #6

  12. So glad you are okay, things weren't worse than they were. Your journal pages are coming along. I love those colors on the butterfly wings for your Journal 52. Great take on the theme. Diane #28

  13. Falling is always scary! I hate when that happens. My first thought is always 'I hope nobody saw that!'
    The desk looks sooooo clean! Wish that was mine.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #60


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