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www July28

Back from a fabulous trip to North Carolina for a retreat with 11 women I have known for 6 years.  It was an absolutely fabulous encounter, sharing and caring 7 days with all of these wonderful creative women.  we had so much fun and created so many things from boiled books (ha! have to wait for that one)to paper feathers, silk painting  origami books so tiny I had to place it in a special place.  well to be honest I have to unfold and try again.  Hope was the most patient of teachers.  Alas I learn from printed copies and repeated errors.  

Oh I will have to close this post and reopen in iPad as dropbox is no longer syncing.  Another techie thing that will not work

The Summer of Color 5 week 5

This weeks colors are 2 greens and a pink.  I used Dylusions Paint  for pink background and stamped it with a flower using Rangers black archival. I then attached a gelli print where I had used a leaf as a stencil, in two greens one lime and one dark palm leaf from Apple Barrel.
Since i am planning to leave on vacation next week I made this quickly.  Amazing how it looks yellow, maybe the baby wipes or not cleaning off the plate.

Summer of Color week 4

Summer of color week 4, this project can be found here
This week I was unable to get the background to come out as i wanted it to.   The colors are 2 reds and a metallic.  Blotches and inkblots are not as easy as when you accidently drop ink from a brush or pen.  At least some lessons have been learned.  Here  is the link to the site and summer of Color.  With each color she has a quote; this week's is added to the page.

i am really enjoying this challenge.  it t is quick and easy if you want it to be.  Doing something daily is a way to keep creative think alive and fun.