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Speak to your Younger Self DLP2015

This is the prompt for this week in DLP 2015 "Speak to your Younger Self -What Advice Will You Offer". My real answer is none. Raised by an elderly mother (she was 50 when she adopted me, aged 2 years) and constantly surrounded by elderly family members, advice from elders was something that was given freely and often. It was based on life as it was in Victorian and Edwardian times. Their phony morality and prejudices where a woman's place was in the home and the man was boss. But I saw some possibilities for my journal page in the the Documented Life Project for that prompt. the art challenge was Layered using multi mediums.

here is the page , medium used, sketch with uniball psn then added a layer of my new Golden Fluid acrylic, at this stage the first page should have been gessoed as the surface needs it. So on went a fine layer of Gesso. Then stamped it with Archival ink then an assortment of pigment inks and Distress inks. Then journaled over it with bla…


Finally finished most of the pages for friends at the retreat  and forgot to photo them,  Awful week up until Saturday evening.  IF it could go wrong it did.  This time the sink faucet started to leak &  Chris at lease; his "friend who will help" out of town.  Waited all day for plumber.   Decided home alone at night do not need strange man in house!  So canceled. Chris returned home and fixed it.   Just what I had tried to avoid. 
 I turned 73 on Monday.  Quiet home celebration.  Lovely comments from friends on facebook.  Put a smile on my face,

ON my worktop;  Today fruitless trying to do Origami, waste box full! 

Birthday dinner BBQ Bills smoked brisket 

made nice coleslaw


For dessert mini cupcakes chocolate topped with chocolate buttercream 

My perfect plumber.  

That's it for this week.


Recovered from my polkadot bout with poison ivy and on the final leg of prednisone.  The last two weeks of that drug left me on a frenzy of doing , losing, finding and hper everything.  I also thought I had solved syncing  now sinking.   Let me see what inaccessible are have today's batch of photos flown off to. 
 Hallelujah   Windows 10 you are my darling; never before while I have posted to WWW has the "from your phone" worked. 
Today, continuing to work on my NC retreat journal. Pages were sent Monday to 4 people.  That will take weeks as snail mail lives up to it"s name.   With the hyper state of the past weeks madness is order or lack of order in my studio.  AND what a time I have had YE  ideas fly My groove is alive and well

This is my "puter desk,  every space in this room is utilized, clutter, bits of this, pages here scattered.

THE WORKSPACE aptly named.  The journal bursting at the seams and not half full. Wax paper a must for the unstable gluer.  More is s…


Last week i was unable to post and the special take home from my fabulous art retreat week with 11 women friends i met on line 6 years ago was poison ivy. By the time I arrived home it enteredmy lymphatic system and was popping up all over my body in an itchy rash. Actually i thought it was shingles. That would be far worse. Now on Prednesone so as this is the start I am wide awake. No desk to show but here is a couple of photos from our art retraet on a mountain 4,000ft high in North Carolina.Making Citro sol images. Using heat to make stencils Boiled books. Or how to mistake poison ivy foy a pretty leaf shape. Every group need a dumb smuck The gathering areaThe view, well one of them Kitchen with more boiled books waiting for the pot. So have agreat day visiting everyone.Posted with Blogsy