Speak to your Younger Self DLP2015

This is the prompt for this week in DLP 2015 "Speak to your Younger Self -What Advice Will You Offer". My real answer is none. Raised by an elderly mother (she was 50 when she adopted me, aged 2 years) and constantly surrounded by elderly family members, advice from elders was something that was given freely and often. It was based on life as it was in Victorian and Edwardian times. Their phony morality and prejudices where a woman's place was in the home and the man was boss. But I saw some possibilities for my journal page in the the Documented Life Project for that prompt. the art challenge was Layered using multi mediums.

here is the page , medium used, sketch with uniball psn then added a layer of my new Golden Fluid acrylic, at this stage the first page should have been gessoed as the surface needs it. So on went a fine layer of Gesso. Then stamped it with Archival ink then an assortment of pigment inks and Distress inks. Then journaled over it with black pens. The focus is an accordion book made form scrapbook paper and stamped. Collected some motivating quotes and some songs that as a teen, is how I felt at that time ........so dated( based on the BBC programs Listeners Choice and children's favorite, even old then!!!).HOW TO is an accordion book in a clear plastic pocket.  Later when the journal is finished I will fix the pocket a little differently.  Until then it is impossible to write in bulky journals so it is removable when I work in the journal.

The photos are not of me there are none ,so the photos(images ) represent the way I WOULD HAVE FELT as a kid!

the accordion book

Pages open the green tags are lifted up to reveal my younger self's opinion of that!

These photos are unedited as iPad has some new system where rotating pictures is an Apple secret!

Tomorrow is another prompt!!!!


  1. A very interesting prompt--and I like the way you carried it out!

  2. Interesting background to this journal page, and the girl with the bubble gum is the perfect image to convey your feelings about advice!

    Super little accordion book too.


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