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WOYWW 330 and this week I remembered as I was piddling around on the PC that there was a real task to do.  Grabbing iPad for a photo of a workspace that is a little less cluttered than normal, it was time to get on with writing. Just returned from an morning with my friend Deanie, who is now 80 and continues to create adorable fabric goodies.  Currently she is making fishes for an installation next july.  Rushing into the studio and plonking down the goodies I had taken to show her on my desk covered up the cleared space , thus preserving my reputation as a messy person.

 The intuitive painting made at the retreat this summer, (making this masterpiece of modern art was a blast) is laid out along with the finally finished travel journal (Gathering of Goddesses)and my Journal 52.    My journals are up to date and my current task is trying to decide my direction for next year.  

For those new to my blog you may be wondering what is madness is or just wondering why a messy person shows her …


Just remembered as i was wasting time organizing my photos in Windows 10.  I am slowly discovering how Picasa works, though several hours were spent on Sunday trying to find the edit button.  It failed to appear then it was discovered blanked out.  Mr Google to the rescue.  The plan was to organize the photos in my desktop and then compare to Picasa.  Today a sad attempt was made to tidy up my desk.  My muse rose from the depths of her underground storage and refused to help. instead I will post a photo of  what was on my desk a couple of days ago.  It was meant to be for this weeksjournal 52, alas Dropbox is in revolt, that no amount of coaxing has produced an upload. 

After weeks of trying to make the David Brill mini origami book it was discovered, on Sunday in the late afternoon, that I had actually made not 1 but 2!  Discarding them as they were not quite perfect and after many frustrating hours  a little manipulation of fold lines and there it was, the blue thingy to the left. Th…


Last week I was able to visit many sites but not comment because my internet has a major problem and switches off for seconds at a time.  The provider cannot fix it and there are complaints.....  We went and found a new provider.  They rely on contractors who for the past 10 days have been coming. Moving on to the finer things in life!

While I can, here is today's workspace

And what happens when I move back to my desk.

The girls were very naughty last night and stayed out all night. Even when daddy showed up at 2.00am, on the deck they ran away!

Today finished my travel journal for the FroupFest art retreat in NC and my entry for the week in No Excuses. (froup is really group but someone made a spelling error so we called ourselves the froup). Now to catch up and relax.

have a great time visiting everyone.  If you are not sure what WWW stands for visit Julie.  Have a creative fun week.