Just remembered as i was wasting time organizing my photos in Windows 10.  I am slowly discovering how Picasa works, though several hours were spent on Sunday trying to find the edit button.  It failed to appear then it was discovered blanked out.  Mr Google to the rescue.  The plan was to organize the photos in my desktop and then compare to Picasa.  Today a sad attempt was made to tidy up my desk.  My muse rose from the depths of her underground storage and refused to help. instead I will post a photo of  what was on my desk a couple of days ago.  It was meant to be for this weeks journal 52, alas Dropbox is in revolt, that no amount of coaxing has produced an upload. 

After weeks of trying to make the David Brill mini origami book it was discovered, on Sunday in the late afternoon, that I had actually made not 1 but 2!  Discarding them as they were not quite perfect and after many frustrating hours  a little manipulation of fold lines and there it was, the blue thingy to the left. The yellow one resisted assistance and at this time seems headed to garbage rather than restoration.  This view is my desk with the pile of would bes that did not make it, well half the pile.  They keep appearing it all kinds of folders, boxes and places that my desperate self slung them. 

This has been a great week as the internet works(although they have yet to bury the cable) and for the first time it is possible to watch a full video.  

That seems to be it for today.  have a wonderful wednesday checking out workspace thanks to our hostess  braving out the storms and cold of an English fall.  


  1. Origami books they look so tough to get all those little folds just right but beautiful when done I'm sure your's will come together just right :)
    Have a wonderful day
    hugs Nikki ??
    I have some candy here too

  2. Is that the origami book Hope taught? I'm hopeless at doing folds for origami and then tend to throw things after a while. As in throw against the wall, not into the garbage.

  3. I applaud any kind of origami! I need to really teach myself more about Picassa. I know I have web albums, but barely understand how it works. Sandy Leigh #40

  4. oooh, I LOVE the mini books... David Brill you say? I will look that up - I am in love with tiny books and journals! Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday, have a great day/weekend and let's hope the sun will come out! Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland, Marit #39

  5. You make me feel very heroic about bracing the weather...thank you!! I love the origami attempts...it proves that however far you toss 'em I. Frustration, you have tenacity in spades by comparison to me. I wouldn't even start one, knowing I would just click it up anyway! Also super love the big sign of hope that all these attempts are embellishing!

  6. ahh, so hard not to have internet these days isn't it Monica.. well done on getting one right anyway they can be tricky these not plain flat cards!
    Thanks so much for popping over.
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}


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