WOYWW 330 and this week I remembered as I was piddling around on the PC that there was a real task to do.  Grabbing iPad for a photo of a workspace that is a little less cluttered than normal, it was time to get on with writing. Just returned from an morning with my friend Deanie, who is now 80 and continues to create adorable fabric goodies.  Currently she is making fishes for an installation next july.  Rushing into the studio and plonking down the goodies I had taken to show her on my desk covered up the cleared space , thus preserving my reputation as a messy person.

 The intuitive painting made at the retreat this summer, (making this masterpiece of modern art was a blast) is laid out along with the finally finished travel journal (Gathering of Goddesses)and my Journal 52.    My journals are up to date and my current task is trying to decide my direction for next year.  

For those new to my blog you may be wondering what is madness is or just wondering why a messy person shows her messy mess. Well head over to headquarters and find out why people from around the world show this stuff and discover the world of crafting.  See everyone tomorrow.


  1. are you going to show your painting better? You should because its wonnderful!

  2. Sound like a busy day you're having. Your page is looking good. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  3. Nice painting Monica. All caught up with your journals???? Must be time for a glass of wine! LOL!!
    Not playing WOYWW, just being nosey and returning your visit.......and thank you for the comment.

  4. I am loving the intuitive art! And also the way you've preserved your reputation.... Heavens it still looks pretty spacious here! Deeanie sounds..inspirational!

  5. I would love a look at that Gathering of Goddesses travel journal. It sounds wonderful. I too am pondering what year long project to embark on for the new year. There are so many to choose from but I find myself limited as I don't draw. Diane #16

  6. You and Deanie are so cool, what wonderful role models you are - of not just getting older with grace, but with artistry and panache and fun!


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