Last week I was able to visit many sites but not comment because my internet has a major problem and switches off for seconds at a time.  The provider cannot fix it and there are complaints.....  We went and found a new provider.  They rely on contractors who for the past 10 days have been coming. Moving on to the finer things in life!

While I can, here is today's workspace

And what happens when I move back to my desk.

The girls were very naughty last night and stayed out all night. Even when daddy showed up at 2.00am, on the deck they ran away!

Today finished my travel journal for the FroupFest art retreat in NC and my entry for the week in No Excuses. (froup is really group but someone made a spelling error so we called ourselves the froup). Now to catch up and relax.

have a great time visiting everyone.  If you are not sure what WWW stands for visit Julie.  Have a creative fun week.


  1. You look busy sortin through all those smiling pictures :) and your kitty knows where to go for a warm spot mine does almost the same but sits right in front of me where I'm working lol
    happy WOYWW hugs Nikki ??

  2. Ok--I'm gonna bug you now--when are you going to post all those pages from your travel journal? Hope you get all your computer problems straightened out!

  3. It's good that you have an aternative internet source. So funny that your kitty takes your spot. Gracie always sits in my chair - I have to sit on the edge. LOL
    April #45

  4. Love that your cat knows a good place to be! You do look kinda busy at your desk! Thanks for stopping by and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #42

  5. I love looking at your colorful desk with all kinds of photos on it! And yes, cats have the habit to go sit where YOU want to sit... ha! I wish you a lovely weekend! Happy - belated - woyww and a hug from rainy Holland! Marit #32


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