Tuesday, October 27, 2015


For once I am aware that today being tuesday i should write a post for  WOYWW and tomorrow visit and link up.  For some reason I only remember this around 8.30am as i scurry to dress and leave for the gym after slurping coffee in a morning blah.  I have to think of a mnemonic devise to get me going..... try a note on blender as I make a Dwinkie(smoothie to you) monday through Friday.

the great unvail....my desk

 It never changes. I try to clear it up then have to do something.  I am currently trying to catch up with October in my No Excuses Journal.  that's it in the upper right, black zippered portfolio.  In the front, middle is a color booklet, Arkansa Grown a tourist piece that is all about what grows there and a page with a map of the counties and simplified system of what is grown in every county.  You all know the perennial question of "what is that growing in the field".  We went for a week to Arkansas and Missouri, (where we visited Ron and Ruth) and I am just now putting it in my journal.  I have found a journal is an excellent source for we absented minded oldies who cannot recall where we ate and stayed.  And this is a trip worth doing again.

One of my major stumbling block to getting things done is below.  My sweet demanding Xochitl.  She loves sitting on my chair, I usually sit on her as she sneaks in. After her siesta she attack the PC.  If I do not feed her or at the least give her a treat she will not only pester me but leap on me aiming to sit on my head.  Cute when a kitten, disastrous at 10.3 pounds. 

So here it is my workspace and life.  
 Here, in the Texas Hill Country the temperature is now 77F. 25C   Last week it was 90F, 32C.  I am wearing leggings and long sleeves.  

Back to my journal........

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WEEK 331

I was looking at my desk and realized how the week had flown by.  Busy preparing for a short trip in the RV to Memphis TN and Carthage MO, with cats.  MS kitty will hate it as she loves the cool weather even attacking a large hairy tarantula one night.  Chris covered T with a bucket but she persisted until he drove her off.  Xochitl prefers to walk around her estate in regal form unless she spots a lizard.  meanwhile back at the workspace i have not tidied up since completing my journals.  I am trying to decide what to take next year.  The year long multi teacher have a lot of familiar faces and I want new ones.  Wanderlust is a little different but that supply list is enough to bankrupt one for life.

My workspace is full of junk that I need to discard , the sort you need the day you chuck it out! The black on the lower right is an old planner.  The cover has rotted and i need to find a way to alter it for next year.target sent a new card so the old one will be put to use.  the scissors are my paper one.

last week my friend janet suggested I should post a full picture of my intuitive painting from her class.  so here it is.  the orange is a chair i set it up on to photo.  I plan to do more of these

My Revealry acrylic paints, the pink and purple have gone thick and I wrote to ranger with photos.  they were most helpful, immediate response.
Lovely colors in that range and great for intuitive art as the dry very fast.

Ooops have to go to Beauty Shop for restoration!