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finger record from 11/14/15 to present

photos here are for my record as It is the only way from android to PC

ER 11/14

dressing by PETERSEN CRITICAL CARE    this was well done by TERESA      

LOST NAIL PHOTO THIS IS FINGER hand up   11/21 it is looking better


i found out my hearing aid was covered for loss and i only have the deductible to meet. so all was rosy them came saturday stupid.  Stuck my finger in my handheld blender.  and blade proved it was sarp.  2 hours, a record, in the ER , several shots of Lidocaine , a pain killer and an antibiotic I was home.   bandaging is no longer taught!

Monday went to hospital ER outpost and a female nurse, knew her stuff.  An angel called Teresa cleaned and bandaged it, explaining every step along the way.

 Advised i see hand specialist.  Chris called his doctor about getting his stitches out and they will see me.  

this week I managed almost daily Fauxbonichi Journal entries.

It is hard to take a photo with finger in splint 

i plan to check out everyone's work space while in the doctor's waiting room.  

WOYWW # 336 Not a week I WANT TO REMEMBER to remember

On Sunday I lost my left hearing aid when i went out to the grocery store HEB. It's absence noted when I had put away the groceries and was seated at the PC. Horros... one it was missing and 20 I had not noticed it immediately. I hurried back and search the parking lot and the store. it is 12mm deep, 25mm high and 6mm wide.
Replacing it will cost a small fortune. I thought it could never fall out .
Last week was very tiring as I drove twice to San Antonio about 75 miles each way. Wednesday for my Dexa, my count was up in spine by 14%. At this rate it will take me about 30 years to replace my bones! The cost would wipe me out before that. On Thursday Chris had carpal tunnel, thank you everyone for the well wishes. The prep for the surgery was far longer than the surger, 15 minutes. The wait was 4 hours. Why they cannot book you in when they can accommodate you is beyond me or at least say we are running late. This little private clinic did 43 surgeries that day of &quo…

WOYWW335 Planner Organizers Journals

Amazing whenever I decide to clean up my workspace I am overcome by tiredness.  Today is no exception .  My day was spent messing up the page for The Documented Life Journal.  I need to start with a background.  using glue dots(Zots) is a skill I must learn.  journals I think are not a final product but a learning of processes.  
  My workspace today. My DLJ the challenge was to use a tea bag but it is not visible on the left page.  i copied an old drawing that was done with ink on cellophane onto the tea bag.  This was after attempting to print on tissue paper.  it just would not work and the glue ruined the image.    

these techniques take a lot of practise.  I had a class on this about 10 years ago and found some images from there. These below were from there  but the red is a print on  a transparency 

This page was not planned the upper right is a print on fabric  and below is my copy of the original drawing called gaggy on the rocks.  The woman is my adopted mother and the photo is…