WOYWW # 336 Not a week I WANT TO REMEMBER to remember

On Sunday I lost my left hearing aid when i went out to the grocery store HEB. It's absence noted when I had put away the groceries and was seated at the PC. Horros... one it was missing and 20 I had not noticed it immediately. I hurried back and search the parking lot and the store. it is 12mm deep, 25mm high and 6mm wide.

Replacing it will cost a small fortune. I thought it could never fall out .

Last week was very tiring as I drove twice to San Antonio about 75 miles each way. Wednesday for my Dexa, my count was up in spine by 14%. At this rate it will take me about 30 years to replace my bones! The cost would wipe me out before that. On Thursday Chris had carpal tunnel, thank you everyone for the well wishes. The prep for the surgery was far longer than the surger, 15 minutes. The wait was 4 hours. Why they cannot book you in when they can accommodate you is beyond me or at least say we are running late. This little private clinic did 43 surgeries that day of "minor" bone problems and injuries. Chris is fine. On Sunday I replaced bandages with Bandaids (plasters). He is doing fine.

On my desk are the journals I started a week ago,  Fauxbonichi Journal a project of Felicity Smith on Facebook.  She has a lot of rules that I like and it is fun and easy .  She removes the nutters and seems to get a lot of slack for it.

 This stands for National November Journaling Month  

For more information on NaNoJouMo  click here

That's me for this week.  see you on WOYWW


  1. Love that bright, colourful "mixed media" page!
    What an awful nuisance to lose one of your hearing aids! Hope this is a better week.
    RosA # 27

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog but I was a bit puzzled about your comment... and then I noticed I had a foult link in Julia's list and the comment you gave was on an older (September) blogpost... oops! My mistake... anyway, I LOVE your art journals, especially the last page, I'm a big fan of cut out texts! Happy woyww and love from Holland , Marit #29 (new link...)

  3. Bad news about your hearing aid, it's probably got kicked under some shelving. You must be so fed up about it.

    Fauxbonichi Journal looks right up your street! Although maybe this week is not a week you'll be looking back on with much pleasure :( You made me giggle with 'she removes the nutters and seems to get a lot of slack for it.'! There are always nutters in the groups (maybe one of them is me?!).

    I love your NaNoJouMo page, it is SO HAPPY!


  4. like your style of journals.Too bad of your hearing aid too. butterfliecrafter#8

  5. I am so sorry about you losing your hearing aid. :-( Enjoying your journals though. :-)
    April #51

  6. Sorry about loosing your hear aid, but your journals are awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!Have a great week, Ginny # 12


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