i found out my hearing aid was covered for loss and i only have the deductible to meet. so all was rosy them came saturday stupid.  Stuck my finger in my handheld blender.  and blade proved it was sarp.  2 hours, a record, in the ER , several shots of Lidocaine , a pain killer and an antibiotic I was home.   bandaging is no longer taught!

Monday went to hospital ER outpost and a female nurse, knew her stuff.  An angel called Teresa cleaned and bandaged it, explaining every step along the way.

 Advised i see hand specialist.  Chris called his doctor about getting his stitches out and they will see me.  

this week I managed almost daily Fauxbonichi Journal entries.

It is hard to take a photo with finger in splint 

i plan to check out everyone's work space while in the doctor's waiting room.  


  1. Sorry to see that you have had such a trying time. That finger injury sounds awful but I'm glad you have been able to keep up with some of your journalling. Here's to a better week. Big ug. Jackie #21

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope your finger is healed very soon!

    Greetings, Sofie #17

  3. Ouch!!!!! Sounds awful hope it gets better very quickly. Anne x #10

  4. OUCH! Great news about your hearing aid though :)

  5. That really isn't a very good wrap job, is it. Well at least they saw you in under five hours at ER. I hope your pain has improved some since you sliced and diced. Be careful!

  6. Oh No!!! I hope it heals up soon! Good news about the hearing aid though...

  7. Ouch that sounds painful feel better soon hugs Nikki 5


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