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Amazing whenever I decide to clean up my workspace I am overcome by tiredness.  Today is no exception .  My day was spent messing up the page for The Documented Life Journal.  I need to start with a background.  using glue dots(Zots) is a skill I must learn.  journals I think are not a final product but a learning of processes.  
  My workspace today. My DLJ the challenge was to use a tea bag but it is not visible on the left page.  i copied an old drawing that was done with ink on cellophane onto the tea bag.  This was after attempting to print on tissue paper.  it just would not work and the glue ruined the image.    

these techniques take a lot of practise.  I had a class on this about 10 years ago and found some images from there. These below were from there  but the red is a print on  a transparency 

This page was not planned the upper right is a print on fabric  and below is my copy of the original drawing called gaggy on the rocks.  The woman is my adopted mother and the photo is from 1925, the original drawing about 1912.

  Well time to make dinner.  Tomorrow i head for doctors appointment in San Antonio for my annual osteoporosis check.  Then thursday back to take my sweetie for OP surgery, carpal tunnel.  The weather forcast is for scattered thunderstorms.  

I am trying to plan what i want to sign up for next year.  Wanderlust 2016 looks interesting.  I spent time this morning investigating planners and decided I do not need one for daily journaling as they are all too complex.  Planners have pages for plans of plans and organizing your plans plans and...... stickers galore, tabs for tabs and oh so much. ( check this inkwellpress.com).     No wonder i am tired!

have a great week everyone making your art.  


  1. Good luck with the doctors and I agree I could never keep up a planner way to much work and I don't have time to do it daily
    hugs Nikki ??

  2. too much planning in those planners!

  3. I am doing Wanderlist next year, b-day present from my husband (after a subtle hint of course)butterfliecrafter#12

  4. I really like your pages and how they flow. They are so personal to you, which is interesting. I have yet to do battle with a tea bag!

    Hope all goes well at your check up.

  5. Great to see your journal. I have used my journals as training grounds for ideas and techniques for years but I am really the only person who sees them - too much waffle and art speak to interest most folk. I particularly like your poppy overlay on the Great War. I shall be wearing my ragrug poppy on Sunday for the remembrance service at church. Jackie 14 x

  6. I love your journal pages!

    Greetings, Sofie #11

  7. Love your journal pages! I like the printing on fabric.
    No, I'm not into planners either, although I make lists every day, but some planners are over the top.
    Hope you osteoporosis test went well.
    Have a good week,

  8. So many wonderful courses... wanderlust 2016 does look interesting. I am tempted. Love the journal pages always interesting to see how they develop. thanks for stopping by and saying hello.
    sandra de @19

  9. Great journal pages. Good luck with your surgery. Happy WOYWW!

  10. Hope your doctors appointment went well. What fabulous pages. Take care Zo xx 32

  11. I'm late. And tired just thinking about the planning of the planning for plans..I'm with you. Exhausted at the thought! I hope the Appointmemt went well...and the carpal tunnel surgery..had both my hands done and really, gave me back my life!


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