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Christmas week 2015

Not been posting in a long time as I wanted to catch up on Journals.  Finally I can see the tabletop, not because it is tidy although, I have filled several garbage cans with paper and bits, it is more of what to do and where to put it.  Well the truth is I am avoiding it.  What is required is a big get rid of.  Not of stuff accumulated recently but the stuff that I bought a few years back when fabric and beading where my passions.

Workspace almost clear

South wall, sewing machine  I used it today, bag is for cats to play in.

west wall almost clear
the paper cutting area of west wall

North window area stuff moved off desk
 desk  in corner by window
I just have to find a home for the beads  and the remainder of my fabric. 
 Delete photos after they are taken.  If I want to see my desk I can look here on the blog and not in a file called WOYWW that has 3 years of photos.  As it is; mysterious messages keep showing up on PC, iPad and Phone saying "XXX cloud or some other thing …


What a fast month. 
 Not much happening on desk . Today Xochitl wrote to Santa. It is written in day 29 of my NaNoJouMo journal now complete to the 29 day. No time for it today as ordered Christmas Pudding and Cake on line from " The English Cousins". Looks great. Yes I love them. NO not like those American fruit cakes.  in fact all of my shopping is on-line this year.

She is requesting an automatic feeder filled with treats, that is password protected so that Ms Kitty cannot get in and eat them all.

Have to go and finish mince, as in meat, pie for dinner. Serving it with pureed peas and mint.

Happy visiting. Will try when in doctors office getting stitches out of finger. it look mummified.

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