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Hello everyone, sorry my post did not post last week.  Another cyber mystery no doubt foreign powers are trying to steal the secrets of a messy desk.

To those who have asked, last week was my final ear injection.  The doctor also patched up a hole in the ear drum. A surgical procedure that fortunately she is skilled at  It turns out that the hearing in my right ear deteriorated below that of the left.  SO now the current hearing aid has to be modified.  The once in the normal range right ear used to receive a Bluetooth signal from the left.  Now that is not possible so the leftie needs a "norm" aid.  The new young audiologist cobbled together a loaner as the truck delivering new supplies was stuck in the snows of Memphis.   Hopefully friday I will get the loaner.  I knew I had lost a lot of hearing but never quite got how bad it all was.  When I arrived home on Friday I heard Xochitl and MS Kitty meow for the first time. 

 Today my desk

Today involved working on my No Excuses J…

# 300 WOYWW another milestone Mrs Dunnit

Now Mrs D did you ever believe when you started this that you would keep going to 300! Well here we are and sending you a big thank you.

This looking at blogs around the world has not driven me to clean up my act! Happily I have accepted the messy being I am and after this post intend to clean up as i am missing some bits and pieces.

Here it is my work table. Just finished one project and straight into next. Always afraid i will not get it done if i do not finished it over the weekend. Then I don't and so workspace stays in a state of suspended creativity, now that sounds a lot better than a mess!

The area next to the computer desk usually has great light. Alas, the past two weeks have been like the north pole here, dark and overcast and never getting over 40F (4.4C) , well Ok it is colder there, though I hear the polar bears are sweating it out! Today it remains gloomy but a little warmer. This has effected my affect so all the time I feel down!. Between the droning sounds …