Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Nine more weeks to 400 WOYWW! 
Well back from Galveston and trying my best to catch up on things.  The next two weeks are busy.  That means i cannot spend all my time in my studio and both Chris and I will be out a lot.  This means my un-routine will be an un-un-routine and I will have to look CAREFULLY at my calendar so I know what day it is and where I should be.

Galveston was fabulous.  we were joined by our friends Kate and Dennis this year. 

the decor in the poolside bar was obviously designed with my colors in mind! Note I did not go swimming but I sampled the goods at the bar and the pool was not full of people who looked like the people in the ads for the San Luis!

They were just finishing planting as we arrived it was a cacophony of color.  The entry hall was all decked out with Christmas figures and nodding deer, also overrun by rug rats!

This is a very small part of the buffet taken after a few glasses of wine and my first 3 courses.   this chef was slicing up duck served with a fruity sauce.  I started with salad moved on to seafood, then onto beef and some veggies.  no photos as this area was always crowded.

This is the dessert buffet. 

This is my desserts a sample of the chocolate goodies

Now isn't that yummy looking.  It tasted incredible, not too sweet and different types of chocolate in all 3 and to the left is a meringue topped lemon curd filling in a chocolate shell....... mmmmmm delish!!!!

we were seated in the garden room where they put the smaller groups.  Jazz was live with piano and bass.  All very pleasant.

we left on friday and returned to out home and cats/  Kate gave us a dozen meyer lemons from her tree and a box of her home made lemon bars.  On Saturday we made the first of two batches of lemon marmalade.  

So now to catch up with my journals.

Have a great time and tomorrow later in the day i will be checking everyone out when I link into Julie and What's On Your Workspace Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


hello all to all of my fellow hobbyists wherever in the world you are posting.

My blog is written on Tuesday as tomorrow we leave to spend Thanksgiving in Galveston, with friends Kate and Dennis, at the San Lois Resort.  Today is overcast so later I will attempt to get a photo of my desk where there are WIP.  The Documented Life Project (DLP) will end this year so I am searching for a new journaling group to work along with in 2017 on a daily basis.  Earlier I joined Wanderlust a group with a monthly challenge and guest artists to add dimension to my  skills and interests beyond journaling.  So far for journaling considering, My Life of Self Expression with Gina Ahrens et al( each has a facebook location all a little with a slightly different style.  It a little confusing as they post to  each others' facebook page and so you get each post at least 4 times.  Several other journal groups were looked at but were too structured.  DLP is very professional, so I am spoilt,  by professional I mean they have a blog site and post to it weekly

My workspace 

Computer desk.  A friend cut out all the kitties for me on a computer.

   I am finding many women on youtube do excellent work but their videos are excessively long and unedited.  Many people make lengthy videos  filled with the "emmhs" and "ahs" and background interruptions and probably lack the skills and equipment for editing.  This means very long videos, happily I am quite adept at fast forward on video!
well it is time to cook supper.  A busy day with dental appointment and taking cats for a nail cut.  They were sweethearts.  The vet's cat has taken a fancy to Chris's knee!

So Happy Thanksgiving, and for all you not in the US have a great week. (Hi Julie,  if you want to join in turkey day just stuff yourselves with turkey,scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, dressing, and pies.  Note: I will be at a buffet)

So excited found how to schedule publishing this post.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


HELP What do you all use to motivate yourselves to clean up your desk?  I have been trying for 2 weeks and I am just NOT motivated.  Nothing is lost, like scissors or special pens that usually spurs on a tidy.  At the weekend I  sorted out and donated unwanted ATCs and swap postcards that were 5 or more years old.  This was a cat induced activity as she wanted the box to sleep in.
 So here is the low down,  My problem comes from all those bloggers, classes, teachers etc who say never throw anything away.    Friends, acquaintances and visitors....NEVER listen to this advice. Unless you have an organizing system for scraps that has categories for color, shape, size, type, etc etc etc.  You will never find that one inch blue scrap of paper with a great floral design when you want it.  Only after you have glued, stitched or both  from a handy large piece will that scraps location be revealed.  AND now you have added to the scraps!
My workspaces this week as of Tuesday 10.03 am CST!

With these few remarks I will return to desks and workspaces to attempt..... clean up.  If, last weekend with hubby away, had I resisted the lure of Acorn TV and the wonderful BBC series like brief Encounters and Lilies this task would be complete.
So have fun visiting everyone this week.  memo to self  post this wednesday.

Tried to post at 1am but you were mot to be seen.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Just look at my desk !

Backgrounds for 2 journals, paints and supplies in use.  Then below is the other journal I work on, DLJ 2017 now in binder 5,or September,  October ready for weekly inserts.

Shown below;  every week has a prompt for Pocket Art Cards (ATCs) not in pockets, the week shown here prompt was" hide something under your ART".  I was hiding the surface of the card which was a NASCAR trading card of Jimmy Johns.

I am posting images from mobile camera and they were not edited, on some you will need to bend neck to the right!

Below is another non edited page showing weekly calendar in accordion fold style pull out  each week i try different styles for this feature.  DLJ is a fun weekly activity that i really enjoy.  It is a closed group on Facebook and not sure if they plan to do it another year.

So this is what i spend my week making.  Other activity is cooking.  here take an oatmeal  chocolate chip, coconut ,almond cookie  emmmm good!

Please enjoy visiting all the many participants in this week's What's on Your Workspace Wednesday that Julie puts together every week for people around the globe.  She is in UK so there is a time zone difference.

happy arting...........................................

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The weeks are flying and I am slowing D.....O.... W......N! 
After Labor Day's clean out of my closet i turned to organizing my meal plans so I can spend less time grocery shopping and more time in my Studio.  Today, Tuesday, I gave the last of my homemade and Art to wear clothes to a friend for her to give to a friend who creates and recycles from castoffs.  So feeling good about that and happy about my closet.  My not so recent purchases and sorted then castoffs, no fits and why did I buy this went to the thrift at the animal orphanage.  
Spent lots of time over past month working on spreads for the class Lyrical by Bun.  So very different than the usual journal or background class and for me a challenge.  Now playing catchup with other journals and contemplating joining Wanderlust 2017.  
So back to WOYWW 380 and what's on my mess desk.

Just paints used for DLJ and a spread for Lyrical.  My Dylusions paints have almost all dried up.  Fabulous colors and finish but just never worked.  Ranger did replace but they remain a problem so it is back to Walmart 

 I was abandoned by my helper

Ms Kitty said she receives better strokes here.

Celebrating?????? well just another fabulous day in Kerrville where the skies are a perfect blue and the temp in the evening stays at a comfortable 80F.  

So have fun creating   ( another for Lyrical)

eating and drinking 

So tomorrow wednesday once I post it is off to visit your desks, which I do visit even when I do not post.  Love seeing the range of creativity and your lives.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hello everyone, following when possible but forgetting day until too late. If you are new to WOYWW check here

It is a long time since I posted here.  A busy summer that included a trip to Chicago, (it was unbelievably hot like 95, add heat from all the roads and concrete.  Awful).  A class with Roxanne incredible, possible the best teacher in years and catching up.  

Every time we make a trip I do a travel Journal and never manage to work on it on the road.  This time I made the effort, time and space to play and i just nibbled at working in them.   Today travel Journal finished DLP uptodate and class work complete.  it is a different sort of travel book as the trip was to attend a party.  My longtime friend John Jones died on memorial day after a prolonged illness.  He requested that his wife throw a party rather than a funeral.  135 came and party we did.  The wine flowed, the Tapas were yummy (it was held at Spanish restaurant) and we mingled and remembered happy times. The Celebration including a ceremony by the marines.  3 very fit young men in marine full dress, one played taps, it was so beautiful that there was not a dry eye; that was the only expression of sadness.  Everyone participated with stories of his generosity of spirit and fun times shared.  it was sensational. 

We stayed on for 4 more days and arriving  home August1. 
 here is my workspace.

On the left you see the Smash book I used for Chicago; to the right my DLJ and above that the journal with my completed spread for the Roxanne class. I don't feel like tidying up today.  I want to try to do 3 more spreads in the manner of the class.  Here is a close up of this spread where you selected a favorite lyric and painted a layed image to represent what you felt.  have a long way to go to get the fell for the technique.

the cats came with it and have decided that they do not like being above the birds! This is MS Kitty and Xochitl  On the Road.

We walked to navy Pier from the condo and this is  view from a bridge over the river.

The heat finally broke with great crashes and flashes.
view from 28th floor

So I do have to clear up some to find some lost items and all the cut bits floating around. 

After a July of high 90sF (32.22C) and up to 104F, 40C,  the weather broke here on Saturday.  Daytime rain and temp is in mid 70s about 23.89C ; the prediction is that we will be back in the mid 90s come Friday.
have a great wednesday visiting creative people around the globe and find some great new ideas.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

369 WOYWW Nothing!

Today I have piddled around, lack all inspiration and find myself wanting to watch videos.  (heard my muse is vacationing on another planet).  Yesterday, Monday, Youtube app was installed on my iPad and it worked.   Then the search was on for video of how to do all kinds of Collage, Mixed media and several other things that appear on a side bar. Before you know it you have been there 3 hours and that includes lots of fast forward when people talk too much or show too many steps.  Alas it is inspiring watching with lackluster action!

 Hubby is fasting as he is completing an 8 hour endoscopic test counting down.  Two hours before I drive him back to the clinic where they remove it. 

Saw Julie's post and was thrilled to hear how well her recovery is going.  She is so strong and a perfect role model for "coping" with humor how ever rough the scenario.   Now if you are new to my blog then here is the reason for this post "WO"WOYWW"  

Here is my work area the site of preparation and no action.
My main work areas are covered with bits from making this weeks journals and a completed journal cover for the July/August Documented Life project.  Not sure about the white background.

To the left of this table is the area where I have been sorting collage material.  One of my YouTube discoveries, by way of Art Journaling, Summer issue is PackerDi, her collage is great. She has a great video on organizing collage word collections. 

This is the computer desk are  where I try to sit and write. 

This is the sewing area.  Mostly repairs, sewing buttons on and stitching down on paper action here.  The serger needs fixing.

here is the paint area, well organized with photo paper and cardstock in labeled binders bottom shelf.  

So that is it for this the last wednesday in June.  
Time is speeding up as I speed down.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Whenever I start on a WOYwW blog it amazes me that a week has passed.  it feels like no time at all since sitting writing the previous week.  happily,  the past 3 days the sun is shining and the sky a wonderful shade of blue.  Cool mornings and hot afternoons.  Welcome summer and June.  Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary 42 years.  It was while making pages for DLJ that it really struck home despite plans for  tomorrow evening when we are out to dinner with friends. Suddenly felt the urge to produce a card for hubby. This is just a flat card, no back!

This week, concentrated really hard  on not messing around with uTube and Pinterest. Sort of pleased with results.

My Glue Book. First made an altered book; spending all weekend tearing out and then gluing pages 2 to 3 pages together, there are no shortcuts.  On line found a blog by a very OCD English women and with some good pointers for glueing and organizing the how.   Her book was very well done.  When reading her blog later found she had no prior experience.   So here is  the start of mine.  The plan is to add anything that tickles my fancy, no prompts, no preset ideas.  

below are the bits for the DLJ, Pacs to the right the challenge was to work with a shape and repeat it, the hearts and circles where found in my die cuts junk box.  The month long prompt is Unraveling the Past: Embracing New Beginnings  

So here is my desk following 4 days of activity.

So whats on your workspace.  i am hoping that tomorrow we find that Julie is recovering speedly and the op was a roaring success. 
So see y'all tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Need to be quick writing this as we have a Flood Alert.  Actually we should be above the water as we are at 2,00ft!  We have had so much rain this past month and especially last week that all the rivers in Central Texas are flooding.  Forecast is for more rain and storms.  This is a La Nina years and she is making up for the dominance of El Nino for the last 4 or 5 remember "Hell hath no fury Like a woman scorned"?  She's really pissed!  

Thursday was a real flasher with a hail stone the size of a cricket ball coming through the bathroom skylight

Damage to the den outer layer of skylight

Damage to the kitchen outer layer of skylight.
They are now taped up and new skylights on order.  

After it was over Xochitl came in to guard the bathroom from Bonkers, the red Cardinal who attacks the wall windows!

Worked on pages in journals over the weekend.  After buying a copy of Stampington's Art Journaling I had to look up two of the artists. and view their work  Carly Swenson she is a young dynamic artist very very different than the usual; and Dianne L Fargo on YouTube (PackerDi).  her videos are long but you can fast forward.  She is extremely prolific.  That's how you end up doing nothing.   have not bought this magazine in at least 2 years and very impressed at how it has new artists and less of the empty nester housewife turning her hobby to a job.

so here is my desk as I left it to write this. 

Workspace very messy. The cutter is there as I saw how efficient a way it is to work in a Dianne video.  

So there it is my week past and present.  Will post this tomorrow and check everyone out at WOYWW and see how Julie is faring.  Enjoy visiting everyone.  This week we lost signals often so if I do not reach you just blame La Nina
Off to make chili for dinner.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Another week another wednesday.  That means a day to look at what other hobbyists around the globe are up to via WOYWW.  
Starting early today(tuesday).  What a week. Last night MS Kitty suddenly went ballistic, biting her tail and legs, racing around as if she had been attacked by an unseen force.   I wonder if Game of Thrones scared her.  We watched it last night. The situation became more scary when Xochitl ran after her causing mayhem and so we had to put X in my studio while I calmned Ms Kitty.  

As you see Ms Kitty is recovered and ready for a nap.

I finished my Documented life journal for week 21.  The prompt was to List 10 songs that set our feet tappin'.  Since i like so many and never remember names of songs or singers i went to dear Mr.Google who was able to provide decades of dance tunes, Tapping my feet remains an ability not lost whereas today's dancing is more a breathless shuffle. below is a page showing the list pinned to a background collage of USA postage stamp images of dancing. The page is a flap and opens out to the weekly calendar.

I cannot decided if i want to continue doing this calendar as I have not been very creative with it.  I do a daily journal that is more writing but I am a little fed up with that as the group I do it with has so many rules.  have to re think it.  

On the back of the page are this week's PACs(pocket art cards).  The challenge was to use a circle from the set in the kit.   The PACs were playing cards where i had made the backgrounds so added the circles and glued down the paks.  The middle on is attached with black thread.  Gives it motion!

Journal 52 always has 2 prompts, this week unraveled and/ stitched.  I had just finished reading a post about a British embroidery teacher and remembered a sampler made in a class.  Amazingly I found it, so glued it into my journal.  This sample was made at a class over 10 years ago with Australian artist Helen Dafter.  SO happy it has a permanent home.  It is silk ribbon embroidery.  After carpal tunnel surgery my stitching was off and practice resulted in too much discomfort.  Paper is a compromise...still create, not nearly as satisfying.  

Desk tidy (enthusiasm lacking) 
  A "to keep or not to keep" moment at my
 workspace. have to get ladders out to put books on top shelf.  problem when you are short is adequate space require upward mobility.

have a great week.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

363 WOYWW a gloomy day in the texas Hill Country

it is like UK, overcast and steady gentle rain.  It is cool for here 72F (22.22C).  It has been like this since saturday and forecast stretches it into next week.  The cats are very upset and keep going in and out.  they come in very wet and so are wrapped in a towel and in struggling to get free emerging dry and receiving a treat!Last week we had hail that was not as ferocious as the rest of the country but loud enough to wake me, it was 2.00 am and without my hearing aids, storms usually never bother me.  This sure was  a bad guy.  It flashed and boomed for 30 minutes.We did not lose power as they did on the south side of town. 

My workspace after 3 days of journaling in Journal 52 and the Documented Life.  What a lovely mess.    

The gloomy view

 Open on the window sill is a blank journal where I was using up excess paint.  and on the desk you see my Fauxbonichi journal.  Sort of falling off with writing that.  The idea of recording my life is becoming a bit of a drag.  There are legions of bloggers out there writing and photographing their lives.  They have a vision that every minute of life should be documented.  It is a bit like the guy who complained that he had 85,000 photos in the cloud and felt he had no time to look at them.  Maybe future generations will have so much free time  they will read/look at our photos and writings to fill in their days.  I think my daily Fauxbonichi journal of "My Life" would make a very successful sleep aid!

Here is my Journal 52 for week 20.  I reinterpreted the prompt "Food with a face, what is it saying" as Food Chatter.  Several ideas translates into several layers.  I started out with the family " meat and 2 veg".    originally intended to draw the food but it looked like nothing so bang went that layer.  Now I know why, when i asked retirees "what do you do all day" i never got an answer.  how can you describe slapping on layers of paint, adding torn paper and pondering over prompts that produce shelves filled with crazy stuff inside binders and books?

Better to leave them  thinking something exciting and meaningful for the world is happening.

I think it is cider time.(cider has replaced sherry as the summer drink of my cocktail hour).

Last week i ran into several desks where I was unable to leave a comment.  I do not know how to comment on Google + even though i signed up.  But there are some posts that the comment box was missing or where my comment went into cyber space.  This week if that happens I will try to email the person.