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My life seemed to have moved so fast not sure if it is too much time on Bloglovin, Pinterest or Facebook.  The latter is due to my projects being on Facebook. Also I know there is a way to post here then have it go to FB but that I have not really looked into.

The worst thing this year was the collapse of my hubby Chris on Saturday morning Feb 27.  It was so scary all I could do was establish he was still breathing and call 911.  he came to after a few second as and i got him to the couch minutes before the Paramedics arrived.  He was dehydrated as a result of fasting for a test on Friday scheduled for 12.45 and rescheduled an hour later and then we had to wait another hour and half as they were backlogged.  You would think that a hospital outpatient clinic like the Ambulatory Care Center at Sid Petersen in Kerrville TX would have enough experience and staff to know that someone who is told to fast from 7pm the night before and refrain from drinking water and is a senior requires water. The paramedics  who came to the house were incredible, so capable, kind and sensitive.  Chris's recovery started the instant they hooked him to an IV.  After 2 hours in ER he was allowed home and things returned to normal.    

So that made me a little behind on a weekend planned for catch up and one where my intention was to return to blogging.  
Some of my distractions 
the laundry Room Help!

Cleaning out studio and donating all my excess of fabric and beads, donated with the help of friends to grateful and happy recipients

Daddy's girl, Does not believe in letting food stay in bowl hence source of domestic violence with Xochitl who like to eat in small little meals every hour.MS K like a lot at any time she can find it

partying with neighbor Bobbie at Christmas

This is my second Binder for DLP 2016 it will hold 2 months I like this size 5.5X8 Cover is created with several layers of acrylics followed by stenciling and stamp layers. 

This is  the start for last week and the weekly activities are 7 tags made into an accordion book

here it is opened out.  The cropped photo did not show up in images.  new mobile is a continuous learning program. 

This is Journal 52  March 4 prompt emerge.  

My third Journal is Fauxbonichi, check it out on FB.  It is a daily journal based on the Japanese Hobonichi style of journaling, a little illustration and a little writing of thoughts ideas of life one wishes to remember, 

This is my brief reentry to blogging. Hopefully I get back to WOYWW this week.  Hope Julia is OK and keep in touch.


  1. So glad all is well with Chris. The hospital should not have delayed his procedure! Your journal pages are beautiful. I love what you did with the stencils. I stopped blogging a while back. Just not enough time to get it done and I think I may just post my work on Instagram.


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